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Review: A Hundred Years of Evil

Review: A Hundred Years of Evil

The Plot It all begins when Norwegian researcher Skule Antonsen uses a self-designed computer application that analyzes human facial expressions to determine if someone is lying. While applying the technique on an interview with a particular SS soldier who witnessed Hitler take his own life Skule makes a startling discovery. The soldier is lying. This

New York, The Media Place To Be!

40,000 new media sector jobs created in New York An economic study by the Boston consulting group, commissioned by the Bloomberg administration, recently concluded that 40,000 new media related jobs have been gained in New York over the last 10 years. That means that there are now up to 130,000 New Yorkers working within the


Now that Memorial Day is right around the corner and ‘The Avengers’ has already made $1/2 billion worldwide, it is officially summer movie season.  Now granted, the summer is traditionally a time for blockbuster after blockbuster and we are all aware of such little films as ‘The Dark Knight Rises, ‘Prometheus’, ‘The Amazing Spider Man’,