Slamdance Winner ‘Stranger Things’ Opens @ reRun Theater – Friday, April 5, 2013

Stranger Things‘ is the story of an unexpected encounter which leads to a surprising friendship between a vulnerable young woman and a streetwise homeless man. It is set in a remote village on the south coast of England: a place where the usual suspicion and indifference of modern life exist, but where quiet and isolation allow them to have less of a hold.

This delicate and compelling film, set against the backdrop of a quiet seaside village in England, explores themes of friendship, grief and human vulnerability. A young isolated woman, Oona, returns to her childhood home as she grieves the loss of her artistic mother and deals with her belongings. Soon after she arrives she reaches out to Mani, a mysterious homeless man whom she invites to stay in her garden shed.  Despite the space between them, Oona and Mani gradually form an unusual and touching bond. With a great sense of calm and joy, we are reminded that anything in life is possible and that very often strange things can bring with them unexpected happiness.

Stranger Things‘ won the Grand Jury Prizes at Slamdance and at the Woodstock Film Festival, as well as Best UK Feature at Raindance. Time Out New York starred ‘Stranger Things‘ as a “film to catch” at BAMcinemaFest. Filmmaker Magazine called it “a delicately beautiful debut feature” and Variety said “In delicate, dignified, soulful ‘Stranger Things,’ writers-directors Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal show a genuine gift for visual storytelling and emotion… its theme – the capacity of the heart to make connections, under odd and unlikely circumstances – harbors something titanic.”

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Friday, April 5 – Thursday, April 11, 2013
IFP & Slamdance presents
@ reRun Theater
247 Front St.
Brooklyn, NY
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Twitter: @strangerfilm


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