Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t is an online publication devoted to the maintenance, presentation, and ideology of independently produced cinema. Founded in New York City yet globally focused, we are a collective of passionate film professionals constantly navigating the technological highways of the digital age while remaining faithful of the economically dilapidated back alleys of the anti-establishment. 

Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t offers informed, original, and provocative content, blurring the lines between cinema, politics, and media at-large, combined with a global resource center for cinematic events, deadlines, screenings, and more. Since our inception, we have established relationships with non-studio, non-corporate film organisations around the world, providing an interconnected message of socio-political awareness to the most marginalised of demographics: those who strive for meaning beyond the limitations of materialism.

Steve ReillyStephen ReillyCo-Owner/Editor in Chief
Stephen is a Rutgers University alum with a background in post-production and distribution.  A film enthusiast at heart, he’s a believer in the power of cinema to entertain, educate and inspire.

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Steve RickinsonSteve RickinsonCo-Owner/Senior Editor (European Division)
Steve is an Amsterdam-based filmmaker holding degrees from the University of Connecticut & The New School and currently working on Cinematic Intra Cultural Dialogue at The University of Amsterdam. He  draws the majority of inspiration from his world citizenry and slightly volatile demeanor.

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Helen Kaplow, writing as HelenHighly – Managing Editor

…highly suspect …highly sensitive …highly opinionated …highly provocative …highly cerebral? …highly entertaining? …highly questionable

Helen is a little bit high — highly into Film, Art, Theater, TV, Music and all-things Culture.  She lives in NYC, a semi-recent transplant from Chicago, and also maintains her own blog at HelenHighly.com. Email Helen


Jake Kring-Schreifels

Jake Kring-SchreifelsContributing Writer
Jake is a Philadelphia native and a senior at Fordham University majoring in Communications with a concentration in journalism and film studies. He works in the sports department for WFUV Radio in the Bronx. He can occasionally boogie down.



H. S. Bayer photo

H.S. BayerContributing Writer

Bayer’s writing has appeared in Off Hollywood Reporter, IndieSlate, The New York Press, Documentary Magazine, and Indie Film Reporter (which he also publishes). Recent pieces have posted on IndieNYC.com, due to the site’s Indie Cred and writer friendly approach… “Editors who don’t waste valuable time rewriting perfectly good stories until they read like they wrote them themselves.”  Bayer has always been an Indie, having no other choice, due to his propensity for hyperbolic,contrarian rants, tortured artists’ soul with matching financial woes and an irascible intolerance for society’s insanely increasing ignorance and idiocy – particularly what passes for intellect  by our so called ”intelligentsia”;  plus an incurable Irreverence for institutions and all instances of authority.

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Heidys bio picHeidy Martinez – Contributing Writer/Editor Spanish section            

Anthropologist by profession and a story collector by passion. Moved to New York in 2005 and met a film director that, knowing her lack of experience, gave her the opportunity to script supervise his low budget independent movie, entirely shot outdoors during 21 days in a very cold winter by the Hudson River. Lived two years in Barcelona where she obtained a Master’s degree in Visual Anthropology. Conscious that political subjects are the vehicles to change realities if worthwhile purposes are researched fully and set forth intelligently, she moved back to where she now considers home, to discover the world of diplomacy and international politics. Born and raised in Colombia, she currently lives in New York City and works at UNICEF, but she dreams every day of leaving the office and traveling the world with a camera in her hand, looking for more stories to tell.

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Marta bio picMarta Lacima Ligero – Contributing Writer/Spanish section      

Born and raised in Barcelona, Marta is a journalist with a background in cultural and sports journalism in Spain and Chile. Her love for movies moved her to Los Angeles in 2014, where she got her degree in Entertainment. Currently based in Miami, she works in TV production, overseeing Latin American projects. Easy to find with a notebook and a suitcase, looking for her next destination.

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