American Express & Seed&Spark Announces Indie Film Distribution Platform

Today, American Express announced a joint program with independent film crowdfunding and distribution platform, Seed&Spark, designed to help transform how films are supported and watched. In collaboration with Seed&Spark, American Express will provide cinephiles a new channel to see independent films and give emerging filmmakers the opportunity to distribute their work to broader audiences.

American Express will provide select filmmakers in the Seed&Spark library with the opportunity for an in-home theatrical release of their film. Each month, American Express will select five films from the Seed&Spark streaming library, which includes shorts and features, for distribution on Amex NOW, the brand’s always-on, interactive TV channel and connected TV application.  This will be the first time that Amex NOW will be distributing feature length films along with other shorts (less than 45 minutes).

Tens of thousands of films are screened every year at the major film festivals all over the world, yet fewer than 200 are picked up for widespread distribution.

Filmmakers can submit a film for release on Seed&Spark by clicking here.

Each month from June through September, American Express and Seed&Spark will welcome a handful films to the Amex NOW channel. Each film will be available for four weeks. The first films to be introduced include:

  • Like the Water, Directed by Caroline von Kuhn, follows a young journalist (Showtime’s Masters of Sex star Caitlin FitzGerald) who returns home to coastal Maine where she has been asked to write the eulogy for her best childhood friend. Her first taste of mortality leads her to reconnect with her oldest friends, and with herself.
  • The Man Who Ate New Orleans, a documentary about a man on a quest to eat in every New Orleans restaurant, is directed by Michael Dunaway, the Movies Editor at Paste Magazine.
  • Morgan Faust’s award-winning, imaginative short film Tick Tock Time Emporium helped launch her career; sending her out to Hollywood where she now works as half of writing/directing team BroSis with her brother Max.
  • Mana’olana: Paddle for Hope, directed by constantly-working director of photography Eve Cohen, follows the Pink Paddlers of Maui: a group of cancer survivors whose bond of friendship launches them on a voyage into the ocean together.
  • Commissioned by BBC knowledge, Lex is a feel-good film about a man who doesn’t care what the neighbors think. Director David White’s films have played at over 100 international festivals, and he is currently working on two new pieces of work which will be released in 2014.


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