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2016 IFFR Interview: Ross Lipman (NOTFILM)

2016 IFFR Interview: Ross Lipman (NOTFILM)

In 1964 author Samuel Beckett set out on one of the strangest ventures in cinematic history:  his embattled collaboration with silent era genius Buster Keaton on the production of a short, titleless avant-garde film.   Beckett was nearing the peak of his fame, which would culminate in his receiving a Nobel Prize five years later.  Keaton, in his


Editorial: Chevalier – May The Best One Win

A chevalier is a ring worn on the small finger of medieval lords indicating superiority and honors. Such a ring is the trophy to a game invented by six men stuck on an Athens-returning boat for (at least) 24 hours. The purpose of this game? Who is the best of them all. The men are judged


IFFR 2016: A Bookworm’s Guide

The 45th edition of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam began on the 27th of January, and we couldn’t be more excited for reporting on site. With four categories and numberless subcategories, there is zero chance you will be disappointed as there is truly something here for all discernible tastes. There is, although, one specific kind


25th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards Announce Nominees

The award season begins with the 25th Annual IFP Project Gotham Independent Film Awards. It seems like the battle will be given between Carol and The Diary of a Teenage Girl: with three and four nominations respectively, including Best Feature, Best Actress and Best Screenplay, they will keep the suspense high. Two new categories are

Musée Miniature et Cinéma: Cinema Before Green Screen Was Cool

Have you ever wondered what was the process of constructing cinema sets before technology changed our lives? How did scenographers manage to make the scene look so realistic without the use of computers? Apparently, what they had to do was creating scale models of the sets! They had to think of every little detail, from