Director: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean

Carte Blanche at MOMA: Sundance’s Greatest Hits from the Native American and Indigenous Film Program July 10–21, 2014

Posted July 17, 2014 by H.S. Bayer

by H.S. Bayer Native American and Indigenous filmmakers are rooted in a long and deep tradition of storytelling… –Sundance Institute president and founder Robert Redford– Commemorating this year’s 20th anniversary of the Native American and Indigenous Program, at Sundance Institute, he continued: “I am proud of the work that Sundance Institute has done over the […]

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Fading Gigolo: Selling His Goods in Painterly Brooklyn

Posted April 17, 2014 by Jake Kring-Schreifels

If it’s hard to imagine John Turturro playing a male prostitute, it might be incomprehensible, at least unconventional, to picture Woody Allen as his pimp. But that’s the basis for ‘Fading Gigolo‘, about an odd-couple partnership between Turturro’s Fioravante, a mid-fifties florist, and Allen’s Murray, a struggling bookseller. And unlike the two men’s rather flamboyant […]

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10 Films To Watch At The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

Posted April 9, 2014 by Steve Rickinson

As the 2014 edition of New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival sets to launch nearly 2 weeks of top flight international filmmaking.  The Festival’s mission is to help filmmakers reach the broadest possible audience, enable the international film community and general public to experience the power of cinema and promote New York City as a major filmmaking […]

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Case Study: ‘Memory Lane’ – A Lesson In Sustainable Indie Filmmaking On No Budget

Posted March 27, 2014 by Steve Rickinson

After dropping out of film school, I wrote, directed, and produced a critically-acclaimed feature film with a budget of less than $300. Then I secured international distribution. IndieNYC asked me to tell you how: Two years after enrolling, I heard David Mamet say “stay out of school”. If you’re familiar with Mamet, you understand why […]

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SUNDANCE PROFILE – DRUNKTOWN’s FINEST: Native American Filmmaker Comes of Age Within LGBT Genre

Posted March 22, 2014 by H.S. Bayer

by H.S. Bayer The Sundance premiere of Drunktown’s Finest female filmmaker Sydney Freeland finally fulfilled the great expectations, for her first feature that its followers, from the Sundance Institute, Native Forum, Film Independent and Fest Founder Robert Redford, felt for the film this past January in Park City. It had been five years from when her fledgling 171 […]

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Guest Post: Filming Into the Mirror

Posted March 12, 2014 by Steve Rickinson

By Lukas Kendall and Robert Nathan ‘Lucky Bastard’ is an NC-17 found-footage “porn thriller” inspired by adult websites that match regular guys with porn stars for sex. Can you believe such sites exist? (They do—we were shocked!) We wrote and executive produced (Robert directed) a “what if” scenario taking the premise to its brutal and […]

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