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Something to Love About Indie Film: Jump Cuts

Something to Love About Indie Film: Jump Cuts

by Kenneth Burgin Jump Cuts: For the right reason, you might know who’s fighting who Jump cuts, George Méliès did them to create magic tricks and Jean-Luc Godard did it in Breathless (1960), to deliberately shake us up. Jump cutting was implemented by these cinema geniuses to affect the audience by exploiting a technique that

New York, The Media Place To Be!

40,000 new media sector jobs created in New York An economic study by the Boston consulting group, commissioned by the Bloomberg administration, recently concluded that 40,000 new media related jobs have been gained in New York over the last 10 years. That means that there are now up to 130,000 New Yorkers working within the

Where are the Indie’s Hiding?

Watching a good independent film is like taking in a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re looking for a solid character driven story or something a little more off the beaten path, independent films are a great alternative to standard Hollywood fare. But where does one find such a film and how does one recognize

Defining Independent Cinema

When someone refers to a movie as an “independent”, what exactly do they mean? I recently posed this very question to a friend of mine, a bona fide film buff. His response was pretty much what I expected. He said, “An independent movie is one produced outside the Hollywood studio system”. Technically he was right,

Something to Love About Indie Film: CGI Free

By Kenneth Burgin CGI Free! Or damn close. Most Independent films don’t have the budget for CGI and I for one think that’s a good thing. Film is a medium for telling stories, but I fear it’s becoming less about story and more about having that one a-ha/reveal moment that suckers us into buying a

The Realism and Escapism of Bollywood

Thrilling, mysterious, entertaining, annoying, bewildering and at times inexplicable, Bollywood is inconsistent as a curry in an Indian restaurant. Universally loved, but varied in taste and approach. Indian filmmakers generally tend to follow a similar recipe- find a somewhat appealing script, novel, or play, localize the characters, add a dash of culture, infuse some emotions