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Interview: Solvan ‘Slick the Misfit’ Naim (Writer/Director/Producer/Actor – ‘FULL CIRCLE’)

Interview: Solvan ‘Slick the Misfit’ Naim (Writer/Director/Producer/Actor – ‘FULL CIRCLE’)

Solvan ‘Slick The Misfit’ Naim is one of New York’s Hip-Hop music world’s fastest rising stars. The cinema world is soon about to be awed by this raw new talent.   After a successful world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, SLI Entertainment’s Feature Film ‘Full Circle‘ makes its New York City debut at

Tribeca Interview: Adam Bhala Lough (Director) & Nyjah Huston (World Street Skate Champion) – ‘The Motivation’

Skateboarding is a four billion dollar market and one of the top three sports for boys under the age of eighteen. Adam Bhala Lough (Bomb the System) returns to Tribeca with this inspiring, behind-the-scenes look at that remarkable legacy, as eight of the world’s best skateboarders prepare for the annual street league competition held in

Tribeca Interview: Josh Waller (Director), Zoe Bell, Rebecca Marshall, Tracie Thoms & Doug Jones – ‘RAZE’

Stuntwoman-turned-action-star Zoe Bell (Death Proof) headlines this sly subversion of the women-in-prison genre. When Sabrina is mysteriously abducted, she finds herself in an underground lair, forced to do battle with other innocents for the amusement of unseen spectators. Each of these reluctant warriors has something to lose, but only one will remain when the game

Tribeca Interview: Sean Dunne (Director) & Mike Moore (Interview Subject) – ‘OXYANA’

Struggling with poverty and unemployment after the demise of its only industry—the mining trade that had historically nourished the local economy—Oceana, West Virginia, has become the epicenter of a drug scourge devastating towns across the country and leaving many good and honest communities forsaken. Known among its residents as “Oxyana” after the OxyContin epidemic quietly

Interview: Vikram Gandhi (Actor/Director/Guru – Kumaré)

Sri ‘Kumaré‘ is an enlightened guru from the East who has come to America to spread his teachings. After three months in Phoenix, Kumaré has found a group of devoted students who embrace him as a true spiritual teacher. But beneath his long beard, deep penetrating eyes, and his endless smile, Kumaré has a secret