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A raw & gritty film, TUCHT is a psychological-thriller/dark-comedy, inspired by 8 extraordinary lives… When an ex-gangmember is lured into a psychotic showdown by a lunatic with a twisted sense-of-humor that threatens the lives of the only 3 people she’s every loved, will she embrace the power of forgiveness that saved her own life… or

‘The Forest is Red’ – A Desaturated Look at Love and Social Awkwardness

‘The Forest Is Red’ is a micro-budget feature film shot in 22 days in New York City with a crew of seven talented people engaging in real, do-the-best-you-can-with-what-you’ve-got independent filmmaking.  Shot in black and white all over New York City, it is a story about how we’re all a little strange, a little different. Awkward,

‘We Are the Hartmans’ – A Comedy for the 99%

Laura Newman was working as a barista at a Starbucks in Manhattan when she had her first political awakening. She’d just met the performance artist and activist Reverend Billy while studying theater and film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. What she learned from the Rev about the coffee behemoth prompted her to rip

‘Plato’s Reality Machine’ Puts the Machinima in NYC Relationships

PLATO’S REALITY MACHINE is an ensemble portrait of the modern relationship as it exists in the current wilds of New York City.  Three men: Charles, Josie and Scott, and three women: Maggie, Kim, and Zoe, crash into each other in a tangled web of late nights, painful mornings, hurt feelings and a very ill-advised trip

6th Annual Gotham Screen International Film Festival Now Accepting Submissions

The 6th Annual Gotham Screen International Film Festival will take place in downtown Manhattan at the Quad Cinema from October 4th-14th, 2012 along with after parties taking place at the Tribeca Grand in Tribeca, New York. GOTHAM SCREEN presents fresh voices and perspectives from local, national and international filmmakers. The mission of the festival is

A Night of Passione

John Turtorro made an appearance in midtown last Thursday night to introduce select clips from his latest film Passione. The event, organized by FilmBuff, featured a delectable spread of Neapolitan inspired hors d’oeuvres catered by sous chef Locanda Verde Proseccos and an array of fine wines provided by Southern Wine & Spirits. The highlight of