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Review: ‘The Den’

Review: ‘The Den’

Directed by Zachary Donahue Starring Melanie Papalia, David Schlactenhaufen, Adam Shapiro & Anna Margaret Hollyman Zachary Donahue‘s contemporarily relevant, albeit ultimately unfinished voyeuristic horror film ‘The Den‘ acts as a nihilistic reminder to the hidden capacities of the world wide web.  Essentially constructed as a found footage style genre-film where on-board computer cameras depict much of the action as

Guest Review: ‘The Poisoning’ by bleedingcritic™

I watched the Trailer for The Poisoning and was intrigued. However, the Trailer doesn’t give you a balanced impression of what this film is actually about, which is very miss-leading. Be mindful, The Poisoning is not another experience like The Hitcher (1986), though it is a road movie. The camera direction and acting during the opening romantic scenes is exceptional.

Guest Review: ‘The Bunny Game’ by bleedingcritic™

Apparently Director Adam Rehmeier had no script for this film although he had bullet points for every day of shooting. He wanted to make a film that feels real and he admits the end result is different from what he planned, however, I don’t know what his original plan was. In the ‘making of’ he also explains

Guest Review: ‘The Theatre Bizarre’ by bleedingcritic™

The last time I enjoyed watching short stories within a film was the excellent TV movie ‘Body Bags’ (1993), you may remember the awesome short ‘The Gas Station’. 1982′s ‘Creep Show’ was a little gentle for my liking but great fun nevertheless. The ‘Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) was pretty good for its time as

Capsule Review: ‘S#x Acts’

Directed by Jonathan Gurfinkel Written by Rona Segal Starring Sivan Levy, Eviatar Mor, Niv Zilberberg, Roy Nik ‘S#x Acts’ is NOW AVAILABLE on Video on Demand In the mildly provocative, yet definitively underdeveloped Israeli drama ‘S#x Acts’, the universally consensed imperative of integration takes on a new member in its global influence, unflinchingly depicting the overtly 21st century teenage

Review: ‘Some Velvet Morning’

by Jake Kring-Schreifels Written & Directed by Neil LaBute Starring Stanley Tucci & Alice Eve Now Playing in NYC at City Cinemas Village East A man arrives at the doorstep of his former mistress with his whole life in suitcases. He has just left his wife of 24 years and goes to his past lover’s