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Review: With Great Power…The Stan Lee Story

Review: With Great Power…The Stan Lee Story

Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge Stan Lee fan and have had the honor of meeting the man on more than one occasion. He’s partly responsible for shaping my young mind and has been a recognizable figure and voice in my life since Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. That being

Review: Daydreamer

The power of love to redeem, this is the central matter Daydreamer investigates through the eyes of Clinton (Aaron Paul), a young man who is vicious in his abuse of drugs and people.  The film is often painful to watch, not gruesome, but ugly. Yet intervals of music signal the meaningful moments concerning honesty and

Review: A Hundred Years of Evil

The Plot It all begins when Norwegian researcher Skule Antonsen uses a self-designed computer application that analyzes human facial expressions to determine if someone is lying. While applying the technique on an interview with a particular SS soldier who witnessed Hitler take his own life Skule makes a startling discovery. The soldier is lying. This