#DemocratizeCinema With New Online Platform Flix Premiere

The majority of great films have long been underappreciated and overlooked due to the Hollywood model set in place ages ago. 

Consumers are forced to believe that the only new movies available each year, are films that have a theatrical run. In reality, as many as 95% of films ‘never’ find their audience or recover their investment due to this belief; therefore, the majority of great films have become difficult to discover, expensive to fund, and even harder to market.

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Flix Premiere is world’s first true online cinema for movie watchers around the globe – delivering new movie premieres – anytime, anywhere. By combining theatrical releases with on-demand availability, the movie-goer will finally have one single destination to turn to for brand new movies.

Every week, the Flix Premiere online platform will offer 8-9 movie premieres, which will be exclusive to their site. In addition to the original content, Flix Premiere viewers will be able to experience movie premieres online, with behindthescenes footage, and interviews with original cast members.

Each movie can only be found at Flix Premiere. Each film will have a premiere night, creating the entire red carpet experience for the movie-goer. The abundance of films that will become available this year will revolutionize the film industry as we know it.

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