DJ Spooky And Kronos Quartet Remix Racism


Collapsing D.W. Griffith’s 3 hour ‘Birth of a Nation’ into an hour-long multimedia work incorporating original scoring, remixing, and DJ techniques, DJ Spooky’s ‘Rebirth of a Nation’ will soon be available to the public.

The Spoleto Festival commissioned work critically analyzes the source film’s grammar and racial depictions through sound and image. In DJ Spooky’s own words, “…exploitation and political corruption still haunt the world to this day, but in radically different forms,” thus setting the foundations for the culturally significant piece. “We need now more than ever to see the context that early cinema offers us,” said Spooky. “As my old friend Saul Williams likes to say: Another World Is Possible. A remix of a film as deeply important and problematic as The Birth of a Nation reminds us that these issues still linger with us at every level.”

After more than 50 performances given throughout the world, ‘Rebirth of a Nation’ will be available on CD  for the first time (alongside a newly remastered DVD version) August 28 with world-famous Kronos Quartet providing the score.

Source: Filmmaker Magazine