New York Denouement Film Festival Kicks Off November 15 at DCTV Center

Denouement Films LLC is a Delaware based Production Company with a focus on international films and international co-productions catered to the US/Canada domestic and international markets. Led by CEO and Executive Producer, Nelson Moses Lassiter, a former producer for D-Street Media Group, known for its festival award winning films such as ‘Somewhere Slow’, Denouement’s mission is to create compelling films through in house production and international co-productions for theatrical distribution. Already with “Official Selection” film festival shorts, and award winning short films such as “Angelique,” an international co-production with director Pascal Latil, Denouement ‘s focus is to bridge the world of independent cinema and illuminate new filmmakers and their visions around the world.

The New York Dénouement Film Festival is a festival of short films in New York City with a grand prize of $1000 for the “Best in Show.” The Festival takes place Nov, 15-17th, 2013 in Manhattan, New York. Unlike most festivals, the ticket buyers (audience) are the voters and have to power to decide which film will win the “Best in Show.

Hosted at the historic DCTV Center in Manhattan, the festival will offer a look into the latest films, Q&A with the filmmakers and ultimately, the audience voting on the winner of the festival.

Find Tickets for the 2013 New York Dénouement Film FestivalHERE

NYDEFAmong The Festival Selections Are
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, a Billy Joel musical from NYU Tisch Grad, Eric Bigman|
Chutzpah, an up close and personal documentary following the campaign of Anthony Weiner
Godka Cirka, Academy Awards nominee from Spain, Alex Lora
Rab da Vaasta, A heart wrenching Indian drama about the value of life
Une Balade, an amazing stop motion animation of a clay figure riding his motorcycle through the streets of France
As Piadas Infames Do Anibal, a Brazilian comedy about a cab driver who cannot tell good jokes
Sand Clock, an Israeli film about a woman who recieves life changing news and her journey to find herself
8 to 10 on Cleveland, a film about hit men, double cross and en ending that will leave you guessing

#NYDEF Festival 
NYDEF was created with the filmmaker in mind. Focusing on emerging filmmakers especially, minorities, women, LGBT and international filmmakers, the festival wanted to provide a platform and audience to present these up and coming filmmakers not only to the US but the international community.


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