NEWFILMMAKERS NY @ Anthology Film Archives – 8/22

NewFilmmakers is an internationally recognized screening series and over the past fourteen years has screened over 600 feature and 2,000 short films. NewFilmmakers screens a wide range of films including animation, documentaries, shorts, and features. Many are films and videos overlooked by traditional film festivals.

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22 NewFilmmakers NY presents a collection of psychological themes films from an array of talented, independent filmmakers.  Two short film programs spanning the spectrum of fantasy will be shown, as well as the feature presentation of Xackery Irving’s mind-bending thriller ‘Nothing Without You‘.

NewFilmmakers NY screens every week and sometimes more at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave & 2nd st.) each Wednesday starting at 6pm

First Short Program – 6pm

MAXIMUM STACHE (2010, 16 minutes)
Director: Ryan Garretson
Falstino and Wynegard are cops. You can tell by the hair on their face. When it comes to the job they’re the best there is… at sucking. Stare in awe at this lo-fi wonder-romp of idiotic misadventure. From the Ghostwood Development Project comes MAXIMUM STACHE – because there’s no such thing as too much.

Director: J.W. Cortes
Paper Weight is the story of the well-intentioned Jessie, a high school English teacher, who loves her kids and her job but HATES to grade papers. One Friday night, when she finally has a chance to spend time with the handsome Michael, odd and mysterious things start to happen. What ensues will send chills down your spine and……..bring a smile to your face.

RAIN IN SUMMER (2011, 25 minutes) 
Director: Becca Roth
Cass, an innocent and heartbroken preschool teacher, is reluctant to get over her ex-boyfriend, Greg, who broke up with her almost a year ago. One evening, Cass’s very patient and loyal best friend, Samantha, brings Cass to a lesbian party, in an effort to find love and to get Cass out of the house. At the party, Cass, who is supposed to be Sam’s wing-girl, meets Amanda, a mysterious and intriguing party-goer who nobody actually invited. Amanda attempts to seduce Cass, and although Cass is intrigued, it’s very clear that she’s still hung up on Greg. Amanda convinces Cass to confront Greg, but when she does, she discovers something nobody saw coming.

Second Short Program – 7:15pm

Director: Alex Pappaterra
This short film was adapted from National Award-Winning Playwright Molly Hagan’s 10-minute play of the same name. Both funny and moving, ‘Spaceships and things that look like them…’ is a glimpse of David and his younger sister Regina’s relationship- and the magic that exists within it.

HEY (2011, 11 Minutes, Video)
Director: Irina Varina
The film follows a young painter during the course of one night starting with a chance encounter on her door steps. It’s is a storyabout connections. Real and imaginary. About taking a chance and stepping outside of your comfort zone, ‘your world’. Is it worth it? Why risk it?

ARKADYA (2012, 16 Minutes, Video)
Director: Alexander Kaluzhsky
A businessman looks back on his life.

TONIGHT ISN’T PROMISED (2012, 4 minutes)
Director: Asahn Simmons
The famous saying tomorrow isn’t promised rings true in Elizabeth, New Jersey; which holds a reputation for violence and criminal activity. For others it is a harsher more vivid reality that Tonight Isn’t Promised. This is the story of Raheim who loses his best friend Jamal to the street life and feels obligated to inflict revenge on those responsible for Jamal’s death.

LINDA (2011, 9 minutes)
Director: John Ward
Ben and Linda are trapped in a cycle of violence, which they hide from the outside world. The sudden arrival of a nosy neighbor threatens to expose the truth, but truth is subjective, and people will do strange things for love.Mark and Kristen provide commentary on the film, but Mark constantly belittles her vision, forcing her to take drastic action in order to keep her self-respect intact.

CLARA’S TALE (2011, 9 minutes)
Director: Rebekah Fieschi
In the year 1810, Clara, a beautiful, innocent looking, velvety pale 16 year old is playing and dancing by herself in the forest. It suddenly turns dark, she doesn’t know where she is and a Mansion appears before her eyes, she decides to enter and spend the night there. She meets its owner, Edmund,a handsome man with piercing eyes, at the break of dawn. He invites her to spend the day with him, they loose tract of time as they fall in love and the day turns into weeks. One day she decides to go back to her family to tell them about Edmund, but when she tries to open the door she finds herself locked in. Afraid, she questions Edmund about it and discover that a curse has been set on him and the mansion because his ancestors used its basement to commit unlawful torture on innocents out of pleasure and that the only way to escape is to kill the owner. Clara has to choose between staying locked in forever with her lover and never seeing the outside world again, or murdering the one she loves to regain freedom.

Feature Presentation – 8:30pm

NOTHING WITHOUT YOU (2012, 95 minutes)
Director: Xackery Irving

Read Our Interview with Xackery Irving – HERE

Jennifer Stidger’s history of obsessive attachments to men has led to a misdiagnosis of schizophrenia. Her only chance at freedom lies in convincing her new analyst, Doctor Charlie Branham, that she’s both sane and innocent of murder. When Charlie begins to doubt her story, Jennifer takes desperate measures, forcing him to accompany her on a journey to prove her innocence. Along the way, they discover a kinship borne of their histories of painful loss. As Charlie begins to believe her, Jennifer is found over another dead body. But things aren’t as they seem. Charlie comes face to face with a man who could prove whether Jennifer is a killer or merely a pawn in a larger murderous game.


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Jamie Younghans
Jamie Younghans

Paper Weight, the schort film screening on 8/22 as part of the New Filmmakers Summer Series, was directed by J.W. Cortes, not Jamie Younghans. Jamie Younghans is the executive producer and screenwriter.