NewFilmmakers NY @ Anthology Film Archives – April, 24, 2013

NewFilmmakers is an internationally recognized screening series and over the past fourteen years has screened over 600 feature and 2,000 short films. NewFilmmakers NY screens a wide range of films including animation, documentaries, shorts, and features. Many are films and videos overlooked by traditional film festivals.

This week see’s NewFilmmakers NY present another eclectic mix of short films, documentaries and features.  On Wednesday, April 24, 2013 NewFilmmakers NY has a full slate of films planned.  From documentaries covering Afghanistan, subway performers and beating death to two stacked short film programs, NewFilmmakers NY continues to provide quality independent films of all descriptions.  The night will also show  Frank Lisi‘s sensual ‘The Red Corvette‘ as the feature narrative film.

NewFilmmakers NY screens every week and sometimes more at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave & 2nd st.) each Wednesday starting at 6pm.

6:00 PM Documentary Series

Dir: Xavier Jordan
Exploring the subways of New York City in search of the ever present performers that fill the corridors with music as eclectic as their anonymous audience that always has mixed reviews; examining this relationship between the performers and their audience in an attempt to find the root of artistic validation. I believe the tension arises from the performers need to be unique in order to intrigue an audience that has seen and heard just about everything. This film will observe subway performers at work and their audience that usually just passes by without incident or at the most will be forced to wait up to fifteen minutes before the next train comes. By observing this relationship and analyzing the performer’s perspective I hope this film will present a unique perspective on what it means to be an artistic performer and what attracts artists to this lifestyle.

CALL ME EHSAAN (2012, 9 minutes)
Dir: Micah Garen
‘Call Me Ehsaan’ is a haunting look at the US war in Afghanistan through the eyes of Lt. Col. JD Loftis, one of only three US Airforce officers who spoke Pashto, who was killed in February while working at the Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

Dir: Richard Millen
For several years actor Richard Millen was confined to his third-floor Brooklyn apartment. His struggle to reclaim his life in the face of a chronic and rare illness is the subject of this short first film. He began recording his daily routines.

THE SMELL OF SAND (2012, 20 minutes)
Dir: Megan Corry
Megan and Matt want to have a baby, but it is just not happening naturally. The Smell of Sand steps inside this young couples struggle with infertility and allows you to join them on their journey through the In Vitro Fertilization process. This is a revealing short film that offers one couples reality of this modern science and its heart breaking possibilities

7:00 PM First Short Film Program

TWO ALTARS AND A CAVE (2013, 18 minutes) 
Dir: Alexandra Aron
Helena and Mattie, friends separated by a generation, confront their fears and anxiety of aging with humor and invention. They concoct an elaborate ritual to celebrate Mattie’s 50th birthday. When everything goes wrong, Mattie faces down her demons and discovers a more perfect place where Helena has been waiting.

PREGNANT AND DYING (2012, 13 minutes)
Dir: Rachel Cole
Pregnant and Dying is a twelve minute film about a young woman named Elma who finds herself both pregnant and dying. She learns very quickly that her body is not her own when her family.

BOX (2013, 15 minutes)
Dir: Chris Dolman
A surreal, seemingly nonsensical comedy, BOX is about people craving intimacy. Zak and Paula can’t communicate. Peter, a box salesman, and Helen, his sprite second, gently challenge Zak to change. Helen hits the road intent on helping the couple. Will the unlikely gift of a Box reveal a way forward for Zak and Paula in this unconventional story?

8:00 PM Second Short Film Program

MY BETHESDA ANGEL (2013, 35 minutes, VIDEO)
Dir: Felix Van Cleeff
A young man wanders around New York, yearning to make human contact. There is one problem: he is an angel and nobody can see him. We follow him in his attempts to connect with the woman he loves. Told through lyrical visuals and sparse dialogue this short film (starring Lee Reitelman & Irina Varina) is a poetic story about the impossibility of love.

TERRA COTTA (2011, 6 minutes)
Dir: Yasmine Gomez
Sylvia moves into a new apartment of unusually like-minded roommates, when she realizes she is not exactly a perfect fit for the household.

ONE CITY NIGHT (2013, 27 minutes)
Dir: Coralie Jeanquier
A down on her luck, 27 year old quiet Kiki, gets fired from her job one night and loses her key on her way home, downtown Manhattan. Dumped by her boyfriend and locked out, Kiki starts out by asking a neighbor to use a phone to call a locksmith. Her encounters with the tenants of the building take her deeper into an undiscovered, strangely delirious world that she has ignored up until now. Her urban odyssey forces her to meet with an old jazz singer with a very questionable past – a demented artist and a superintendent with a dark secret.Kiki goes through the night – into the rabbit hole, taking her deeper into the crazy hidden world of her neighbors. She gets tinted along the way, taking in the inevitable New York lunacy that we all know surrounds us.

9:15 PM Feature Presentation

THE RED CORVETTE (2011, 105 Minutes)
Dir: Frank Lisi
Meet Cindy Reese, a suburban high school senior, who is burdened with more than her fair share of teenage angst. Utterly friendless, she longs for the day when she can graduate and leave all her troubles behind. It won’t be easy though, as a rival of hers causes her to fail for the year. Cindy is forced to enroll in Summer School, where she finds herself seated next to the extremely sultry, yet emotionally volatile, and the daughter of a reputed mob boss, Bella Fagone. The two immediately bond then Cindy’s staid suburban life is turned upside down. Watch as Bella introduces her new-found protege to the seedy and oftentimes dangerous world of her NYC night life, a world filled with sex, drugs, and eventually cold-blooded murder. Combining nonstop excitement and sensual intrigue, “The Red Corvette” will take you on a ride you won’t soon forget!


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