NewFilmmakers NY @ Anthology Film Archives – Feb. 6

NewFilmmakers is an internationally recognized screening series and over the past fourteen years has screened over 600 feature and 2,000 short films. NewFilmmakers screens a wide range of films including animation, documentaries, shorts, and features. Many are films and videos overlooked by traditional film festivals.

This week see’s NewFilmmakers present another eclectic mix of short films, documentaries and features.  On Wednesday, February 6th NewFilmmakers begins with 2 great short film programs, culminating in the feature presentation of Transmedia project  ‘MP2V‘.

NewFilmmakers NY screens every week and sometimes more at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave & 2nd st.) each Wednesday starting at 6pm.

6:00 PM First Short Film Program
JUSTUS (2011, 6 minutes)
DirLori Bowen
In “JustUs,” questions of morality and justice collide when a woman named Joanne drives home on a beautiful summer day after capturing the man responsible for the rape and murder of her sister and eleven other women when he is released from custody on a technicality.She takes the man to a house in a quiet suburb. Inside, the kitchen has been prepared for his arrival; plastic sheeting covers the walls and he’s tied tightly to a heavy, study wooden chair. Darren wakes up, confused and irritated, and calls out for answers and in walks Joanne.Darren is cocky and nearly emotionless. Nothing can touch him, especially not a pretty woman like Joanne. Joanne is seething, only just barely able to control her rage. As their discussion goes on, as he tries to worm his way into her psyche to manipulate her into letting him go, he begins to see that there’s no talking his way out of this one.However, he raises an interesting point: is cold blooded vengeance justice? Joanne doesn’t think about it until later, after the deed is done and she sits in the living room covered in his blood and a tear rolls down her cheek. Is the tear one of sadness for herself knowing that she’s damned, too? Or is she satisfied, relieved, and whole again?The ambiguous ending asks the viewer to decide for themselves what Joanne’s final feelings are and asking the question, “What is justice when there’s JustUs?”

DirDee Robertson
My name is Sarah and I kill flowers to save the world.

6/6/1966 (2012, 8 minutes)
DirHilton Ariel Ruiz
A group of friends search to find if a evil presence really exist.

SHED (2011, 8 minutes)
DirNatalie Smith
A mans life has been devastated by the brutal murder of his daughter several years ago and he seeks revenge on the man that claimed her life. Set in a dark room, the story leads the viewer to believe that the Asian man tied to a chair and tortured by the skinhead is a racial hate crime, though throughout the course of the film we learn the true reason of his capture, showing us that appearances can be deceiving.

DEER HEAD VALLEY (2012, 10 minutes)
DirTravis Greene
On the county line of Deer Head Valley, a derelict woman and her gentleman friend hold captive an innocent man. With the victim’s fate uncertain, the only glimmer of hope lies 80 miles west, in the form of the District Attorney and the plea bargain deal he has devised for a local gang member, indicted on charges of murder. The only problem? The District Attorney is nowhere to be found.

THE GREAT DESTROYER (2010, 20 minutes)
DirGino Gianoli
Young Julian embarks on a journey of self discovery and self destruction when he leaves home in search for the one person with whom he identifies most but he knows least: his father.

7:15 PM Second Short Film Program
(2012, 10 minutes)
DirScott Eriksson
School teacher Grace Leonard finds her former student Lenny, now 22, at her front door seven years after being in her middle school German class. Lenny’s plan is to confront Grace about her sexual advances towards him as a young teenager so he can forgive and move on with his life, however, his well thought out plan goes horribly wrong when Grace doesn’t react as he expects.

DirZachary Fleming

MUTE (2011, 16 minutes)
DirJavier Melendez
Monette, a traveling book salesman in his fifties, finds himself in a confessional booth, reluctantly telling a priest his complex life story and the moral ambiguity that brings him there.In his story, Monette tells of one typical ride in the New England countryside that would have been one of many like it, were it not for his precipitated choice.

OFF LIMITS (2012, 30 minutes)
DirSal Fusco
A Brooklyn waiter named Joey (Sal Fusco) finds himself on the run from the mob after he has a fling with the girlfriend of a low-level, hot-headed mob figure.

8:30 PM Feature Presentation
(2012, 82 minutes)
DirRob Medaska
MP2V – a rare online video format… is specifically designed for streaming terror. Follow a day in the life of two sociopaths as they travel through small town America on a road trip of terror. WATCH THEM as they document and film their heinous acts and create a psychotic road diary at each and every unnerving turn. MP2V will take you on a journey unlike any other conventional film. MP2V is a film about serial killers…made by the killers themselves. You can find them at MP2V.COM. Go there now and locate more clues to their horrors…if you can?

MP2V creates a new medium of virtual terror, bridging the gap between current entertainment and virtual reality. MP2V.COM picks up where the film leaves off because we believe fact gathering, identifying, and real-time social collaboration will help create the next genre in feature film. Follow from start to finish, (or is it?), the trail of two heinous criminals on their trail of human terror as they encounter all sorts repulsive situations. You won’t know what’s coming next – because even they don’t. Conclude with them as they reach their destined end…..or is it? Watch MP2V and go to www.MP2V.COM the next wave in theatrical terror!


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