NewFilmmakers NY – January 16, 2013 @ Anthology Film Archives

NewFilmmakers is an internationally recognized screening series and over the past fourteen years has screened over 600 feature and 2,000 short films. NewFilmmakers screens a wide range of films including animation, documentaries, shorts, and features. Many are films and videos overlooked by traditional film festivals.

On Wednesday, January 16  NewFilmmakers presents another evening of quality documentaries, short films and features.  NewFilmmakers NY screens every week and sometimes more at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave & 2nd st.) starting at 6pm.

6:00 PM Documentary Series
…IN THE UPPER ROOM (2012, 6 minutes)
Dir:  Joey Huertas
The film, “…in The Upper Room” is a film work designed to provoke. It uses propaganda techniques established by Institute of Propaganda Analysis (1937), and the evil Nazi regime, to deliver a true-crime narrative based on the terrifying reality of hate-group racial organization. Inspired by the power of television media advertising, categories of propaganda studies (Name Calling, Band wagon, Transfer, Plain Folks, Card Stacking and Glittering Generalities) are freely exercised and tryto convince us, via religious propaganda, of a racially motivated idea.The techniques used in the short film are accompanied by a fictionalized hate crime that adds blame on an enemy race group. The viewer is asked to consider the value of a proposal, using derogatory language and words that are meant to invoke our youth and incite the general public to take action, via broadcasting on Public Access Television.

THE BLACK SERIES (2012, 6 minutes)
Dir:  Amanda Zackem
This film brings to life the photographic series, The Black Series, by Director, Cinematographer and Photographer Amanda Zackem.

L.A. ABORIGINAL (2011, 9 minutes)
Dir:  Daniel Lir
The short documentary by award-winning filmmakers Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir chronicles the life and background of artist Dave Tourjé who was influenced by the energetic L.A subcultures of skateboarding, surfing, gang culture, motocross and hot rods. The film also features interviews with Dave’s colleagues, legendary artists Chaz Bojórquez (MOCA’s Art in the Streets), John Van Hamersveld (designer of graphic art for Jimi Hendrix, Stones Exile on Main Street, The Endless Summer, etc.), Norton Wisdom (live painter who performs with Flea, Beck, L.A. Philharmonic, etc.) and is narrated by Brad Howe (internationally renowned sculptor).

DIE LEICA IM WALD (2012, 14 minutes)
Dir:  Eric Unverzagt
Wolfgang Lang a German photographer searching for meaning in the world has just been awarded a grant to document the current condition of the United States. Stopping for an evening in a rural American town he meets a young waitress aspiring to be a photographer herself. They agree to go out and document this rural area together. But when unexpected circumstances arise Wolfgang finds a side of America he never could have dreamed of discovering.

Dir:  Wayne Thomas
Through the eyes of William Albert Allard, the National Geographic Magazine visually changed from being a rigid view of the world to a more caring humanitarian view. It was through Allard’s view of the Amish that viewers became mesmerized by what they saw as Allard took them through this Pennsylvania culture in a more personal way than they had ever seen before. Nearly 48 years later, Allard has circled the world finding moments in the Basque country, the American West, France, Peru and India to name a few. He is legendary in his craft both as a photographer and as a writer. Through his talent of engaging people, his flawless use of composition and color his work has impacted the entire world of photography. Through interviews with colleagues, subjects, and Allard himself, this film highlights William Albert Allard and his career.

7:00 PM First Short Film Program
WALKING IN THE MIND (2011, 6 min)
Dir:  Julie Nymann
She becomes a wanderer, a vagabond, and a foreigner to herself. The more she dances with a mirror and the sound of cold machines, the more she gets lost in her own labyrinth of details.

REPRIEVE (2012, 16 min)
Dir:  Sheila Mitchell Simmons
What should of been a routine hit changes dramatically for a ruthless Hit man when he encounters his soon-to-be-victim.

WELCOME TO NEW YORK (2012, 30 minutes) 
Dir:  Steven Tylor O’Connor
The story of five young people’s unique first experiences in New York City. Sherry Vine plays Dr. Kitty Rosenblatt, the unorthodox yet wildly successful therapist who our young protagonists go to for help in their new city. Whether it’s being harassed at a bus stop by a crazy person, being mistaken as a prostitute or finding love in the Big Apple, this comedic look at Gotham has something everyone can relate to.

8:30 PM Second Short Film Program
(2011, 10 min)
Dir:  Paolo Sedazzari
about Dogs

Dir:  Joshua Sampson
Hone your telekinetic talent in 2 minutes (almost) flat.

FOUND: NOTHING MISSING (2009, 3 minutes)
Dir:  Patricia McInroy
This video challenges the notion of the searcher and the sought out. Through humor and insight, everyday signs are deconstructed and strung together in a loose narrative which follows inquiries visually, intellectually and physically. The piece offers sensitivity and awareness to life while also poking fun at the narrator. An internal conversation is externalized via missing pet signs, which offer a sadly beautiful look at the profound and simple sense of the art of losing and looking.

TREVOR (2011, 11 minutes)
Dir:  Perri Nemiroff
When Larry brings his stuffed dog, Trevor, to the vet for treatment, Leslye, a young veterinary technician, must decide what to do, kick Larry to the curb as her all-business boss demands or lend a hand to this man who honestly believes his beloved dog is in desperate need of treatment.

OSCAR (2011, 13 minutes)
Dir:  Aoife Naughton
A day in the life of a small dog in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland, who waits on a pier all day for his minder, a ferryman, to return.

9:30 PM Feature Presentation
THE ANIMAL IN YOU (2012, 63 minutes)

Dir:  Mariano Wainsztein
The Animal in You is a duet featuring two protagonists, the renowned countertenor Andreas Scholl and his vocal coach Richard Levitt. The film opens with an intimate moment in which Andreas recounts a dream about his deceased father, with the image of Richard juxtaposed to his account. The conversation then continues in Andreas’ native Kiedrich, Germany. He shares a trying moment in his career, in which he experiences an allergic reaction on stage that inhibits his ability to sing, made all the more devastating by the knowledge that Richard was in the audience. From Kiedrich to Basel, Switzerland, the focus shifts to a dialogue between the two regarding Richard’s own musical career, ranging from his early cinematic work in Hollywood to a recent collaboration with Sting. This discussion leads to a glimpse of the duo in action as they co-teach a master class with three aspiring singers. While complimenting a young soprano on her breath control and technique, Richard critiques the passion driving her delivery. He calls on Andreas, asking, ‘What do we say about the animal in you?’ to which his former pupil responds swiftly, ‘Don’t forget the animal!’Having fluctuated between interviews, additional scenes from the master class, as well as recording sessions featuring Scholl, Levitt, and other world-class baroque musicians, the film turns to an interview with Richard in which he reflects on his personal successes as well as those of his beloved student. He speaks about his encounters with Stravinsky, his work with Robert Craft, and ruminates over the ‘vicarious thrills’ he has experienced as a result of Andreas’ accomplishments. Concluding where it began, the film’s final scene returns to Andreas’ reflections on the loss of his father. He expresses his joy at having the opportunity to do for Richard what he was unable to do for his parent, to capture something of his life on film to leave for future generations, something to add to the living legacy called singing.


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