NewFilmmakers Presents WinterFest 2013 @ Anthology Film Archives – Jan 2 – 9, 2013

NewFilmmakers is an internationally recognized screening series and over the past fourteen years has screened over 600 feature and 2,000 short films. NewFilmmakers screens a wide range of films including animation, documentaries, shorts, and features. Many are films and videos overlooked by traditional film festivals.

From Wednesday, January 2 – Wednesday, January 9, 2013  NewFilmmakers presents WinterFest 2013 at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave & 2nd st.) with a week of short films, documentaries and features, spanning the spectrum of what film can cover.

NewFilmmakers NY screens every week and sometimes more at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave & 2nd st.) starting at 6pm

6:00 PM First Short Film Program

POETICA (2012, 4 minutes)
Dir: Anthony Furlong
A blend of man-on-the-street-style interviews, performance footage, and confessionals, the film expresses an artistic soul through the words of artists across New York City: dancers, opera singers, boxers, skateboarders, chess players and fashion designers.

HET VIOLETTE UUR (2011, 17 minutes)
Dir: Felix van Cleeff
Two young lovers leave the modern city and all possessions behind to enter the wilderness,where they make love for the very last time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (2012, 21 minutes)
Dir: Judianny Compres
Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “The Bedroom”, and set in New York, Happy New Year! tells the story of Soledad, a Harlem poet who, amidst the crowd and holiday cheer, finds herself alone. But with loneliness in big cities purported to be a myth, she’s determined to connect and find love.

FISH WILL BITE (2012, 24 minutes)
Dir: Stiven Luka
A group of friends get involved in a series of incidents on their way to a gathering. Centered around the woods and set during the course of a single evening, the story veers from one beaten path to another.

7:15 PM Second Short Film Program
(2012, 17 Minutes, Video)
Dir: Rob Leshin
Two brothers walk into a bar … but only one might make it out alive.

CHOICES (2012, 16 minutes)
Dir: Michael J Kirkland
The story follows Ian Chance who is introduced as a shattered and tortured soul. It is immediately clear that something very tragic has happened in Ian’s life. It is hinted that this involved a young girl, as he clings to a worn photograph of a young girl through the story. The story cuts to show happier times with Ian and his daughter Emma doing normal things, but hints that something is not right.Ian continues to lose himself in alcohol and prescription drugs, which explains his memories. Through Ian’s voice over we learn of his torment and his search for revenge. This leads to a beating of a young man that Ian has been stalking. Here the story takes its first twist. Ian is shown to be relieved that revenge has finally been taken. Although it could never ease his pain and loss, this is a nod to traditional revenge stories where the audience is allowed to feel better through the act of the protagonist’s pain. The theme that revenge, especially revenge through violence, heals all wounds. Explained in Ian’s voice over “there is no healing”.Ian immediately sees the “young man” again in the bar and attacks him. We the audience now see something is wrong in Ian’s world. Perhaps he is attacking everyone. All the young men caused the accident, killed his daughter? The worn photograph is the key to the second twist. As Sean the barman folds back the image to reveal it has been ripped from a magazine. We then learn that the memories are not Ian’s. The daughter was not Ian’s. Shown through imagery that Ian was drunk, Ian killed someone else’s daughter. We learn the truth along with Ian as the audience is ripped rapidly through a selection of Ian’s real memories. Showing the tragic choices and the tragic ending. Previous scenes of Ian and Emma are shown as they really occurred.The final twist reveals that Ian slips back into his world of denial and blame. Not accepting blame for his own actions, but blaming others. Seeking out more “young men” to inflict his hatred and revenge.While he continues to drink and drive. Searching for something he will never find.

BUT NOT SO MUCH (2012, 22 minutes)
Dir: Jakob Sacksofsky-Berck
After Rachel’s sister Claire commits suicide, Rachel’s feelings of guilt manifests itself in the form of Claire. John, meanwhile, tries desperately to understand what is affecting Rachel, as he falls madly in love with her.

8:30 PM Feature Presentation
(2011, 79 minutes)
Dir: Mary Kerr
Radio (as he is called due to the trademark boom box radio he hangs around his neck) spends his days and nights cycling around the city from one film set to another, hanging out with the cast and crew between takes, and then moving on to wait into the early hours of the morning outside premieres and after parties for the same people he just spent the whole day with. The stars, filmmakers, and crew are the closest thing Radioman has to a family, and he cherishes the time he can spend alone with them as one spent amongst equals, even if it involves waiting for them for seven hours in the freezing cold.But Radio still lives like a tramp. He wears the same clothes for weeks on end, sometimes doing his business while still in them, and only showering for big occasions; and the apartment is a mess of roaches, rats, rotting food and molding memorabilia. He’s been sober for nearly 20 years, since he was arrested and thrown into Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital for six months to dry out, in a straitjacket and tied to a bed; but a lifetime of drinking beer morning to night has left him with tics, twitches, and sudden mood swings.The film will be funny, touching and inspirational, focusing on a man who, in the smallest, oddest way, is making his dream happen, at a time in life many of us consider too late.

RADIOMAN Official Teaser Trailer from Paul Fischer on Vimeo.

Find All the Information on The Rest of NewFilmmakers NY WinterFest 2013HERE

1/2 – Opening Night
1/3 – Vampire Films
1/4 – Addiction Films
1/5 – Documentaries
1/7 – Documentaries Night 2
1/8 – Special Program curated by Tova Beck-Friedman
1/9 – Special Program with Third World Newsreel


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