‘Nothing Without You’ Uses Viral Campaign to Hook Audiences

Xackery Irving’s new psychological thriller Nothing Without You reaches beyond the scope of the screen to engage audiences via a well-crafted viral video campaign. Nothing Without You revolves around a psych-patient, accused of a violent murder, who turns to her court-appointed psychiatrist to prove her innocence and sanity. Her psychiatrist must help her decipher delusion from truth to unravel the mystery of her reality.

In the vain of signature suspense like ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘Memento’ and ‘The Machinist’, Nothing Without You focuses on a main character whose impaired ability to perceive reality sets up the audience for major surprises in the film’s plot. As Irving and his production team prepare for screenings, they have begun rolling out an internet viral-video campaign to hook audiences into the mind-bending narrative of its main character.

Jenniferstidger.com introduces audiences to the film’s protagonist through mock ‘leaked therapy videos’ from sessions with her court-appointed therapist. The videos allow audience to explore the main character’s world and give some clues to some of the film’s big twists. Additional videos, featuring the other characters in therapy sessions will be regularly added to the site.

We want the mystery of the film’s story to go beyond the film’s 95-minute running time. Since the film focuses on the question of who is sane and who is not, who is a killer and who is innocent, we made web videos of Jennifer and the other main characters in a therapy sessions sharing intimate details of their personal lives. In the spirit of the film, internet audiences become voyeurs in a way similar to the main character,” says Irving.

Nothing Without You is Irving’s second feature film. His credits on the film include writer, director, camera operator and co-producer. His first feature film, ‘American Chain Gang,’ was a finalist in the several film festivals including SXSW, Nantucket, Human Rights Watch, Atlanta, and Sedona Film Festival.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and enter into the mind-bending world of Nothing Without You!  And don’t forget to check back weekly for new twist and turns leading up to the movie’s debut.



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