NYC Short Film Showcase Series NebCinematics Releases Latest Film ‘Broadway’

One Year. Seven Pieces of Cinema by Ben Garchar (May 13, 2013 – May 12, 2014) and a new outlook towards short film possibilities.

The Ascent – 5/13/2013
LUV U – 7/08/2013
Gloria Valentine – 9/02/2013
The Encounter in Paris – 11/18/2013
Broadway – 1/21/2014
Fathers and Sons – 3/03/2014
Jake – 5/12/2014

Ben Garcher-NebCimematics-Broadway

Watch All Episodes on vimeo @nebcinematics

Even though the landscape of experiencing short cinema is changing, the importance of continuing the tradition, of sharing the work with an audience is not:

1.  If a short is submitted to eight festivals, accepted to eight (unlikely), then screened twice at each to sold out audiences, maybe 3500 experience it in localized areas.

2.  On the Internet with outreach, a short can accumulate 3500 views around the globe in a matter of hours.  And since it remains online indefinitely , this could be repeated for days, weeks, or months on end.

3.  Bricks and mortar screenings alone are no longer adequate.  The concept of an online “theater”, which is potentially infinite in size, can fill the gap and help connect with audiences in a more meaningful way.

NebCinematcis is…

NebCinematics 1: The Ascent
A man destroyed. A tower rising.

Milo, though successful, is struggling to find purpose and interpersonal connection. Through a chance encounter with a woman, and reoccurring visions of One World Trade Center rising, he learns what it means to rebuild oneself and be complete.

NebCinematcis 2:  Luv U
A spaceman tries to save a woman from Earth’s imminent destruction.

Watch All the Films and Stay Tuned to Episodes 6 and 7 – HERE

About Ben Garchar
Ben is an award-winning filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.  His love of cinema started before I could define love or cinema.  Ben received my B.F.A. in Motion Picture Production from Wright State University and grew up in Youngstown, OH.
Vimeo: /NebCinematics
Facebook: /NebCinematics


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