Lonnie Franklin at Court_Grim_Sleeper_Photograph by Barney Broomfield Ramona (Gro Swantje Kohlhof, links) blickt in die Zeitschrift, während Jennie (Saskia Rosendahl, rechts) Stefans Blicke auf sich zieht und mit ihm flirtet. Far_From_Men_press_ Virgin Mountain Wednesday_445_Featured VIAJE_Press_1-Tribeca Autism_in_Love_Featured Sworn_Virgin_Press Bare_credit-Tobias Datum



2015 Tribeca Film Festival Filmmaker Interview – (Matt Fuller, ‘Autism in Love’)

Autism in Love is a feature length documentary that explores the lives of four adults with an autism spectrum disorder as they pursue and manage romantic relationships. Lenny is young man living in Los Angeles who has been stru...
by David Teich


Introducing The Jury of the 68th Festival de Cannes

Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, directors, screenwriters and producers, will be the two Presidents of the Jury of the 68th Festival de Cannes. This year they will be joined by seven key figures in world cinema from Canada, Spain, the...
by Steve Rickinson



2015 Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Laura Bispuri (Director/Writer) and Alba Rohrwacher (Actress) – ‘Sworn Virgin’

Sworn Virgin is the story of a woman who sacrifices her femininity for her freedom, and years later must renounce her honor to become a woman again. Hana Doda, a young woman living within the confines of a Northern Albanian vil...
by Lia Fietz

Bare_credit-Tobias Datum

2015 Tribeca Film Festival Profile: Natalia Leite (Writer/Director – ‘BARE’)

After a lifetime of living in her sheltered and rural hometown, without any apparent means of changing a certain fate, Sarah (Dianna Agron) discovers a possible way out in Pepper (Paz de la Huerta), a mysterious female drifter....
by Steve Rickinson



From Melbourne With Cholesterol

by H.S. Bayer Adrian Goodman, a filmmaker just in from Australia, has come to America to make his mark in the film business. Naturally enough he originally headed to Park City UT during this year’s Sundance FF – somewhat un...
by H.S. Bayer


Sundance Institute & NYU To Host Music in Film Workshop

Sundance Institute and New York University (NYU) Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions will host Sundance Institute Film Music Program at NYU: Steinhardt, a day-long workshop for composers, filmmak...
by Steve Rickinson