Provocative Thriller ‘The Will’ To Celebrate World Premiere in NYC

ChapanWorks announces the world premiere of  a new thriller ‘The Will’ on February  28, 2014 at the Cinema Village in New York City. Written and directed by Alexander Chapan, The Will‘ is a tale of greed, lust and betrayal that unfolds in a dark and surreal landscape. The brilliant ensemble cast features Susan Porro, Alex Montaldo, Beth Hallo and Don Scime.  Screenings will continue twice daily through Thursday, March 13th.

The_will_poster_finalThe Will‘ begins with the death of billionaire Harry Stockwell, who’s last will and testament will be revealed to the Stockwell family upon the condition that they wait confined on Harry’s private island. Whoever leaves the island before the will is unveiled, will lose the right to inherit. Forced confinement and the uncertainty of what the future holds contribute to ignite a wild fire that will take lives and expose unspeakable secrets of Harry’s past. Ricky, one of Harry’s sons, arrives to the island with his lover Robert, a handsome and charming young man who carries with him a dark secret from his past. Emmy Stockwell, Harry and Andrea Stockwell’s daughter, immediately bonds with Robert when he confides in her. The relationship between Robert and Emmy drives the story, along with Andrea Stockwell, the family’s matriarch, who attempts to oversee and control the estate and everyone attached to it. Alexander Chapan’s screenplay combines the classic elements of the thriller genre with a unique and provocative point of view.


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