Rooftop Films, Time Out New York, and Gravitas Ventures Present the New York Premiere of Michael Tully’s PING PONG SUMMER

It is the summer of 1985. Teens all over the country think Run DMC is totally bitchin’. On the soft drink line, a “Suicide” (a dash of every soda) is the most popular carbonated beverage. Cliques are very real and ping pong is the most fly thing ever. Rad Miracle (Marcello Conte), a dweeby 13-year-old white boy, arrives with his family in Ocean City, Maryland, and is ready to take it all in.

ping-pong-summer-posterWith ‘Ping Pong Summer‘, writer/director Michael Tully (‘Septien‘) evokes vibrant childhood memories of embarrassing parents, first crushes, bullies, and the adolescent sense of limitless possibility. For Rad, those possibilities include becoming a gnarly ping pong player and a fly breakdancer. But it isn’t until Teddy (Myles Massey), an equally dorky vacationer, shows Rad the local FunHub – stuffed with arcade games, slushies, and ping pong – that Rad finally begins to emerge from his shell. With $20 (gifted by mom), a ping pong buddy and the attention of a pretty girl, he is stoked to take on the world to the max. But when local bully Lyle Ace (Joseph McCaughtry) shows up with his dipstick crony demanding amends for eyeing his girl and playing at his table, things don’t just get real…they get hellacious.

From the opening scene, ‘Ping Pong Summer‘ proves itself an intelligent, sincere unadulterated throwback. Each character seems carved out of a comic book version of ‘80s coming-of-age movies thrown into an alternate dimension where Susan Sarandon serves as a Mr. Miyagi ping pong sensei named Randi Jammer. Openly flaunting its nostalgia with illustrated titles, freeze frames, neon-hued set decoration and tubular outfits, ‘Ping Pong Summer’ is a candy-coated memory piece. The plot progresses like that of its ancestors, but along the way Tully successfully mines the tropes for humor, awkwardness, in-jokes, and references. With everything thrown in it tastes like a “Suicide,” the most spazzed-out drink on the planet.

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Friday, May 30, 2014
Rooftop Films, Time Out New York & Gravitas Pictures presents
NYC Premiere
@ The Old American Can Factory
232 3rd St.
Brooklyn, NY




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