SUPPORT: Dark, Twisted NYC-Based Thriller ‘Catch 22’

‘Catch 22’ is a feature-length thriller that explores a number of the darker sides of the human condition – betrayal of loved ones, substance abuse and addiction, rape, murder – and ultimately whether real friendship and love takes precedence over all the shit life can, and does, throw at you. ‘Catch 22’ is heinously dark at every step of the way, just as life can be.

‘Catch 22 is a dark, twisted thriller exploring betrayal, friendship, and sacrifice – starring Phil Burke, Al Thompson, & Charmane Star

Catch_22_Key_ArtWhat is ‘Catch 22’
An 81-page script that spans eight modest locations, featuring just six main characters, the story was conceived and developed in a fashion that caters to the small-budget independent filmmaking process and the limited resources it offers to a filmmaker. ‘Catch 22‘ knew they would have limited external resources to work with, so they packed all they had into the least expensive (in dollars anyhow – it was by no means a small time commitment) internal resource at their disposal.

The story is crafted as a narrative that confronts the characters with subject matter lying at the most extreme end of the spectrum of harrowing shit life can present you, and they are confident the small physical scale of the production will be a non-issue and the tension viewers will experience will be every bit as much as that of the biggest budget Hollywood schlock that so much more is regularly spent on making.

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How ‘Catch 22’ Will Get Made
The film will be shot on a fourteen-day production schedule in Manhattan in October of 2014.  It will cost at least $50,022 to get through the final day of shooting on the most shoestring of budgets.  This number is the bare minimum needed to green-light the production of the film. In other words, any willingness to purchase and support the film in advance is the chief determining factor in whether this story is told.

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Couch Cooking - Catch 22

The Cast


Phil Burke

– Phil Burke: Irish actor Phil Burke attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He has appeared in several plays and commercials in the New York area, as well as the international award-winning short THE DOGHOUSE, the feature film IBID, Judd Apatow’s THIS IS FORTY  AMC’s smash hit HELL ON WHEELS and CBS’s Third Season of The Good Wife. He has been a guest star role on NBC’s hit show LAW & ORDER and the recurring role of “Reverend Todd” in the NBC series MERCY.


Al Thompson

– Al Thompson: Al Thompson is an actor and producer, known for A Walk to Remember (2002), The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) and Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2003).


Charmane Star

– Charmane Star: Lovely and petite brunette Charmane Star was born Sheryn Santos Lascano in the Philippines. Star grew up in San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento. She became a nude model shortly after turning eighteen and did her first adult movie in 1998. Four years later Star briefly quit the adult industry to run a nightclub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Perks
The ‘Catch 22‘ Kickstarter campaign has less than 30 days and is approaching, in an unorthodox way, making the extended director’s cut of the film available for presale beginning March 25, 2014 via Kickstarter.

Exclusive reward perks for purchasing the film in advance range from a speaking role as:

– A Chinese food delivery guy/girl in the film
– Autographed merchandise
– Personalized audio and video greetings from the actors
– Wardrobe worn by Charmane Star during the filming of the movie.


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