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Budget BreakdownDID YOU KNOW?
Did you know that there are devices on the market that:

  • Will remind you to sit up straight?
  • Warn you when you are too emotional to make a wise decision?
  • Measure how many hours and how well you slept last night?
  • Tell you to breathe deeply when you become stressed?
  • Track your cigarette consumption and cravings to help you quit?

Self-tracking is the process of collecting and recording information related to personal habits, experiences, and thoughts. Self-trackers document all kinds of data—often on a daily basis—with the ultimate goal being a heightened level of self-awareness. With so many different self-tracking devices and smart phone applications that are currently on the market, many people now track everything from their health-related activities to their daily habits.

A driven, haunted father of two, Lozinski, feels compelled to record all aspects of his day and takes pride in his healthy but strict lifestyle choices. He lives with his wife, Clare and their twin daughters, Daniela1 and Daniela2 in a secluded farmhouse away from outside influences. Under Lozinski’s watchful eye (and a mysterious Pillar), the family constantly tracks and seeks to improve their diet, sleep, fitness levels, brain activity, and relationships. While Clare and Daniela1 successfully adhere to Lozinski’s demands for data collection and improvement, Daniela2, with her more natural personality, proves a tougher sell. Under mounting pressure from her family, Daniela2’s inability—or perhaps unwillingness—to fall in line threatens to tear either her or the family apart.

1. Cast a Male Lead.
2. To begin working with a Production Designer and Director of Photography.
3. Scout and lock a shooting location.

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Gleb Osatinski

Gleb Osatinski, director and writer, has amassed a following over the years with his two previous short films acting as a calling card for his avant-garde style of indie filmmaking. His last project, House at the Edge of the Galaxy, has played at film festivals around the world and brought home a significant number of accolades.


Danielle Ellen

Danielle Ellen, co-writer, is a science geek, a member of SAG-AFTRA, and BAFTA New York. Her collaboration with Gleb on the script is the result of more than a year of hard work.



Imoto Harney

Imoto Harney, producer of The Quantified Self Film, read the script and fell in love with the story concept. This film is by no means a documentary, but it will definitely hit home and take you on a wild ride! Imoto has worked on and produced several short and feature-length films, so you can rest assured that your contribution is well-spent and in safe hands.


Molly Coffee

Molly Coffee began her film career working by day full time in the art department for shows like The Walking Dead and Necessary Roughness. By night, she has always championed independent film like Congratulations!. She has worked with Imoto on several projects across the country, and together with the rest of the team, their synergy for this project is unmatchable.


Jarin Blaschke

Jarin Blaschke is the savant director of photography from Gleb’s last short, House at the Edge of the Galaxy, which you can see images from at the beginning of his beautiful reel below. He is based in Los Angeles, so flying him out to Atlanta, GA (our shooting location) for several weeks will be expensive, but he is willing and excited to work on this project. Together, Jarin and Gleb create award-winning imagery, and this dream team is important to have in order to really bring this story about self-trackers to life.



Maggie Fine

Maggie Fine  makes the perfect Clare Lozinski. Clare Lozinski, mother of the self-tracking family, is a compassionate character who struggles to keep husband and children in the face of an obsession that spirals out of control. With her experience in roles in Breaking Bad, In Plain Sight, Scoundrels, Boardwalk Empire, and in her own self-produced projects, Maggie Fine truly understand what it takes to be this character.


Charlotte & Madeleine Ruley

Charlotte & Madeleine Ruley. Finding adorable 8-year-old twin girls that are also super-talented actresses is no easy task! Not only were the perfect twins found for these roles, but we also actresses who, with the support of their mother, feel ready to tackle the challenges of the script. Even though The Quantified Self film deals with complex topics, the girls instantly understood their character motivations.

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