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FIRST TO FALL‘ is an immersive journey through the revolution in Libya following two friends who leave their lives as students in Canada to return to their home country of Libya during the uprising. When the young men pick up guns for the first time, Hamid is 26 and Tarek only 21. Full of revolutionary fervor, the two friends join the rebel army on the front lines to fight Gaddafi and reach their families held under siege by his army. Hamid and Tarek experience the reality of warfare and find their lives forever altered. The Libyan revolution provides the backdrop for this intimate story about the larger lessons of war and the loss of innocence.

First to Fall‘ tells the story of young men who are prepared to sacrifice everything—their careers, their security, and their lives—all for a free country. Sacrifice for them is not a distant, abstract concept; it is as real as the bullets that claim their comrades’ lives, the women and children covered in third degree burns whom they try desperately to save, and the artillery blasting their hometowns to rubble. The ultimate transformation of both men, as well as Libya itself, is remarkable. Their sacrifices are extreme, but these young men bear their scars, both emotional and physical, with pride and without regret.

Produced by Academy Award nominee Mike Lerner (Hell and Back Again, Pussy Riot-A Punk Prayer), Tony Gerber (Full Battle Rattle, Snow Leopard of Afghanistan), Co-produced by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Lynn Nottage (Ruined), and edited by Kate Taverna (Pray the Devil Back to Hell) and Luis Alvarez y Alvarez (11th Hour) with an original score by composer Mark degli Antoni (Into the Abyss, God Loves Uganda).  The director of the film, conflict reporter Rachel Beth Anderson, will run a three-week campaign, starting June 11th and ending July 2. She is looking to raise $20,750 in order to complete the film, which is currently at Fine Cut stage.

First to Fall‘ is a story of loss of innocence, of transformation, of selfless sacrifice, and of rebellion in its purest, most passionate form.

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About Rachel Beth Anderson
Rachel Beth Anderson had her first stint in Egypt on a Fulbright funded journalism program studying foreign correspondence and conversational Arabic. She made the official move to Cairo in 2010 where she assisted in launching and creating feature videos for the multi-media segment of English/Arabic publication of Ahram Online. During the 2011 Egyptian revolution she worked as a videographer and field producer for PBS Frontline documentaries: “Gigi’s Revolution”, and “The Brothers”. Her footage from the uprising is also included in multiple long form documentaries including BBC’s “This World, Egypt – Children of the Revolution”, PBS’s “Before the Spring: After the Fall”, and independent films, “Zero-Silence”, and “Uprising”. In between time in the edit room for First to Fall she continues to freelance, shooting domestically, as well as in Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, South Sudan, and Nepal for CNN “Hero’s”, Frontline, Human Rights Watch, and the independent feature documentary “E-Team”.
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Twitter: @FirsttoFallFilm


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