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PEPPER & PAUL‘  is an innovative short format entertainment platform focused on selling high quality, ethical, and environmentally conscious products.

PEPPER&PAUL‘ blends unique entertainment with e-commerce. ‘PEPPER & PAUL‘ are fictional characters that present audiences with all kinds of products through an entertaining narrative.  The products featured are a part of a story and their brands are partners.

'PEPPER & PAUL' Co Founder, Writer & Director - Lit Kilpatrick

‘PEPPER & PAUL’ Co Founder, Writer & Director – Lit Kilpatrick

PEPPER & PAUL‘ Co-Founder, as well as Chief Writer & Co-Director of the Short Film series Lit Kilpatrick was nice enough to write us up a highly personal account of the project.  In it he addresses several aspects of the project as they pertain to our own mission in highlighting, promoting and supporting the independent mindset through innovative approaches, while maintaining an integrity of life so frequently lacking within a modern society of consumerist materialism.  We asked Lit to address several key questions regarding ‘PEPPER & PAUL‘, including WHAT it is, as presented by the voice of one of its chief contributors and creative minds; WHY is this unique approach to a modern shopping template important? and HOW does ‘PEPPER & PAUL‘ represent the spirit of the independent, specific to its production, as well as its mission.

After the official IndieGoGo fundraising video you will find a highly personal account of the ‘PEPPER & PAUL‘ project, along with several relevant informational resources so YOU can help support and spread the word.

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ORIGINAL ART FOR PEPPER & PAUL Limited edition art prints by Swedish pop artist, Olga Cisterna

Limited edition art prints by Swedish pop artist, Olga Cisterna

‘PEPPER & PAUL’ is basically a vehicle to combine making imaginative, short format films that we would love to see, with an effort to highlight and support ethically-produced fashion and other products, by featuring some of them in our characters’ worlds. Our team comes from both the indie filmmaking world and the world of fashion. We’re trying to combine our creative skillsets in a new – and at least to us – interesting and inspiring way, so we can enjoy being creative in the ways we love while doing something that’s positive and relevant. I think we recognize that narrative filmmaking and fashion often exist in worlds that are disconnected from the reality of a changing climate, economic disparity, unhealthy food, negative messaging, and overall lack of humanity. So if we can harness our natural passions and do what we love – telling imaginative, visual, and humanistic stories – while facilitating a more positive and productive consumerism, that would be ideal. I think we realize that this idea is unique, in a positive sense, but maybe a bit of a stretch in a more pejorative sense. But that, in a way, is what makes it fun and exciting.

The idea behind our short films is to create a world of romantic interaction between two characters that is highly visual, magical, and humanistic. We love the idea of not using dialogue, which forces us to think very differently through the ways in which a story evolves; it makes the experience much more visual and interesting. Not using dialogue frees us to explore the world of visual texture and visual information, from facial expressions and body language to light interacting with interesting surfaces. We like the idea that it keeps the viewer visually present and ‘in the moment’. We’re also excited about imbuing our characters with active imaginations, so that they can explore their worlds, meet each other, and move



the stories forward through daydreams, visions, and dreams they have while sleeping. We’d like our main characters to be very imperfect, kind of bumbling protagonists who make bad decisions sometimes, rather than heroes. We want to be able to laugh at them so we can loosen up a bit and laugh at ourselves. In other words, we don’t want to create films that pretend that we’re all doing good all the time or living perfect lives, but to suggest that if we wake up for a second we’ll realize that our immediate lives are full of rich detail and interesting people, and we’ll be happier if we remember to take ourselves less seriously while treating each other and our environment well. I think we shy away from being preachy – we’re very wary of it – and we don’t want these stories to pretend that anyone is perfect or knows all of the answers. We want to represent a wide variety of characters and situations, in what we hope will become several mini-series of short films, all revolving around a new set of characters who have some star-crossed connection to one another. We want the main characters’ connection to be loose and creative – they might not meet in person, but instead leave echoes of themselves in each other’s lives, for example.

The 'PEPPER & PAUL' team at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival

The ‘PEPPER & PAUL’ Team at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival

This project has been very independent so far, in the sense that we produced our demo short film with almost no budget, yet we attracted – without pay – the talents of Emmy winning DP Zeus Morand and Emmy winning Composer Richard Fiocca, as well as a very talented visual effects and graphics team at Ideas and Stuff. They all pitched in because they believe in both the creative vision, but also the idea of trying to change the conversation about how filmmaking and fashion relate to consumerism.

GenArts presented our demo short film and our team at a panel discussion at Sundance this year as a part of the Sundance Collective program. We hope that this kind of exposure and credibility will allow us to convince others to invest in our idea as well.
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