Surrealist Queens World Film Festival Favorite ‘WELCOME TO NOWHERE’ to Screen Exclusive 1 Month Engagement via – September 17, 2013

Constantly shifting perspective, the fractured narrative of ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ revolves around a poet, a hitchhiker and three motel rooms. In a series of warped, image-driven episodes, the archetypes of the American road story are deconstructed in action, dialogue, intent, and ultimately meaning. Reduced to a series of actions, character traits and only minimal dialogue, these representations of the American promise of freedom and travel on the open road disintegrate into paradoxical fantasies of improbable escapism, perverse sexuality and futile violence. The plot of the film folds back on itself, intentionally distorting the perceptions of the viewer in an effort to subvert expectations and create the participatory experience of defining the meaning of a sequence of actions in any perceived order.

‘Welcome to Nowhere‘ is based on an original 55-minute performance staged inside of a claustrophobic box-like structure of steel pipe, plexi-glass and wood paneling surrounded by a tangle of cables and microphones. A constant stream of video was projected above the live performers inside the box, who whispered their lines into microphones, never touching or facing each other. In scenes of prolonged stillness, silence and impassivity, the video doubles of the onstage characters navigated a hyper-real cinematic landscape as if lost in a dream. This continual juxtaposition of stage and cinema was one of complement and contradiction, suggesting perpetually shifting narrative fragments.

Welcome to NowhereWelcome to Nowhere‘ was originally produced as a hybrid cinema/theater performance art piece in October 2007 by Temporary Distortion at The Chocolate Factory Theater in Long Island City, NY. The production was subsequently presented by Performance Space 122 in the East Village in 2008 and 2009, and had presentations in France (‘08, ‘10), Canada (‘08, ‘09), Austria (‘09), and Hungary (‘10).

Welcome to Nowhere’ will be streaming online at starting September 17th, 2013. The film will be screening free for 1-month only.

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Screening History
LES Film Festival New York (Lower East Side, NYC) – March 2012 / World Premiere 
NewFilmmakers New York (Summer Screening Series) – July 2012
Dreamland International Film Festival (New Haven, CT) – October 2012
PollyGrind Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV) – October 2012
Queens World Film Festival (Queens, NYC) – March 2013
Film Festival (Wasau, WI) – May 2013
Welcome to Nowhere

Festival Awards
WINNER – Founders’ Choice Award – Queens World Film Festival
WINNER – Best Supporting Actress (Cara Francis) – Dreamland Film Festival 
NOMINATED – Best Narrative Feature Film – Queens World Film Festival 

Welcome to Nowhere


About William Cusick
William Cusick is a video artist, filmmaker and projection designer based in NYC. His video installations and projection designs for theater, opera and dance have been seen across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. As the resident video artist for the internationally acclaimed NYC experimental theater company Temporary Distortion, Cusick created video designs for five hybrid cinema/theater productions and two video installations.


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