SXSW Favorite ‘Crystal’ Debuts on VOD FREE

Crystal_Official_PosterCrystal’ is 17 with a bad attitude. She’s seen every Britney Spears video 100 times and knows the dances by heart. Unfortunately her small town life lacks the sparkle of a music video and her only escape is the dance-filled dreamscape in her head. When one of these reality-dips results in disaster on the job, she is fired and heads out of town on foot – curses and dances abounding.

After a run-in with local mean girls, she accepts a ride from an average white man whose intentions remain unclear to our heroine. Crystal keeps her hard exterior up and as their journey takes a turn from light-hearted to less so, the real and surreal worlds blend together in a way she is ill-equipped to handle.

‘CRYSTAL’ is an independent short film written & directed by Chell Stephen and produced by Brooklyn’s Think/Feel.

CRYSTAL‘ has recently been released via VOD for FREE on and was featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick.  Check out the film on FilmShortage & Vimeo

Check out our SXSW 2014 Interview w/ ‘Crystal’ Director Chell StephenHERE
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