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IDFA Interview: David Bernet (Democracy)

IDFA Interview: David Bernet (Democracy)

Few things are more unwieldy and lacking in transparency than European politics. Who’s really running the show in Brussels? What’s the true role of the European Parliament or the Council of Ministers? And how do the new laws and regulations that apply to all 28 member states get made? For two years, ‘Democracy’ followed several key

IDFA_Interview_ Annekatrin_Hendel

IDFA Interview: Annekatrin Hendel (Fassbinder)

The German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder stirred up a lot of controversy with his cult films. Renowned and reviled, he worked like a man obsessed on his oeuvre of 42 feature films, a long-running TV series and 26 plays – until his sudden death at the age of just 37. The provocative filmmaker would have


10 Films To Watch At The 2015 IDFA

Every year IDFA presents the best documentaries, selected from a wide topical range. This selection is made on the basis of certain clear criteria. In short, the IDFA looks for documentaries that are stylistically interesting or innovative, socially relevant and who manage to clearly communicate with their audiences. The following list represents 10 films which have


Errol Morris IDFA’ Top 10 Documentaries Announced

Errol Morris has seen as one of the most important documentary makers of our time – has put together this year’s IDFA Top 10. His selection includes works by a range of documentary masters, each of whom has made a significant contribution to the development of the documentary genre at a particular moment in its

Filmmaker Interview: Sam de Jong (Prins/Prince)

Sam de Jong’s feature film debut, Prince, tells the story of seventeen-year-old Ayoub, a boy with a lot on his plate: his father is a junkie, his mother is a lonely divorcé, and his sister is falling in with the wrong crowd. Haunted by his father’s terrible reputation, Ayoub can’t get the attention of Laura,

2015 FIBER Festival Looks At Digital Influence With Weekend Long A/V Experience

After a break of almost three years, the Amsterdam-based FIBER Festival returns on May 15 & 16 with a packed programme of audiovisual art, immersive performances, electronic music, workshops and a symposium. The 2015 edition is focused on the theme The Subterranean: Exploring Networked Tools and Matter and questions the often invisible influence of digital technology