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Review: Women Who Kill

Review: Women Who Kill

Ingrid Jungermann’s debut feature ‘Women Who Kill’ is a suspenseful yarn about a commitment-phobic lesbian who might be dating a serial killer. But the film, which won Best Screenplay at this year’s Tribeca, also offers a savvy satire of Park Slope lesbian culture and a salient critique of fear of intimacy in the 21st century.

Las 5 películas latinas del Festival de Autor de Barcelona que no te puedes perder

Los cinéfilos de Barcelona tienen una cita ineludible en las próximas semanas. Entre el 21 de Abril y el Domingo 1 de Mayo, la capital catalana vivirá la sexta edición de su Festival de Cine de Autor, en el que cada año se presentan las propuestas cinematográficas más atrevidas y personales. Algunas, con nombres conocidos

Filmmaker Interview: Adam Weber (Tomorrow We Disappear)

Tomorrow We Disappear chronicles the last days of Kathputli, the mysterious hand-built artist colony first discovered in Salman Rushdie’s iconic Midnight Children. Hidden in the alleyways of New Delhi, a community of magicians, acrobats and puppeteers approach their looming eviction to make way for a modern skyscraper. Bound together by tradition and impending gentrification, this

Out of the Dark

Esta co-producción Colombo-Española, cuya premier fue en Agosto de 2014 en el Germany’s Fantasy Filmfest es un thriller independiente protagonizado por Julia Stiles (Mona Lisa Smile (2003) y The Omen (2006)) y Scott Speedman (Felicity, The 24th Day (2004) y Underworld: Awakening (2012)), dirigido por Lluís Quílez y basado en el guion original de Alex Pastor, David Pastor,

Interview: Matt Creed (Director/Co-Writer – ‘Lily’)

Lily, a film by first-time director, Matt Creed, is loosely based on the real- life experiences of co-writer and lead actress Amy Grantham. Intensely beautiful, Lily wanders the atmospheric New York City streets as she reevaluates her relationship with her older boyfriend and her feelings about her long-absent father. Lily is an immersion into a

CONTEST: ‘Imagine I’m Beautiful’ Film Review

Greetings IndieNYC readers! We want to let you know that we’ve partnered with Candy Factory Distribution, an exciting new production and distribution company based here in NYC, on a writing contest based around the new film ‘Imagine I’m Beautiful’ On October 17th through the 23rd the film will be screening at Hollywood’s Arena Cinema at 1625 North Las Palmas