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10 Films To Watch At The 72nd Venice International Film Festival

10 Films To Watch At The 72nd Venice International Film Festival

The Venice International Film Festival is part of a greater artistic event: the Venice Biennale (La Biennale Di Venezia). Art, music, theater, architecture, dance and, of course, film transform the city into a party of creativity every two years. This year, the film festival celebrates its 72nd birthday and its line up is as rich

2015 Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Laura Bispuri (Director/Writer) and Alba Rohrwacher (Actress) – ‘Sworn Virgin’

Sworn Virgin is the story of a woman who sacrifices her femininity for her freedom, and years later must renounce her honor to become a woman again. Hana Doda, a young woman living within the confines of a Northern Albanian village, longs to escape the shackles of womanhood, and live her life as a man.

Pasolini’s Passing According to Abel

by H.S. Bayer “I lived that page of a novel, the only one of my life as far as the rest — what can I say I have been living inside a poem, like every obsessive.” Pier Paolo Pasolini “In search of the death, of the last poet, only to find, the killer inside me…

Review: ‘The Trip to Italy’

Written and Directed by Michael Winterbottom Starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon ‘The Trip to Italy,’ Michael Winterbottom’s sometimes-frothy, sometimes-meditative follow-up to his 2010 comedy ‘The Trip’ once again tantalizes viewers with sharp banter, decadent food, a breathtaking countryside, and unexpected moments of poignancy. The film is inevitably less fresh and original than its predecessor,

BIRTHPLACE: A Documentary on Family Geography

“The past builds the future. If our ancestors and their stories didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be here right now. The past history of things and people will build and give us our future.” No matter where we live, whatever our race, color or creed, we all have roots somewhere. History progresses, societies evolve, and people