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Indie Film 2012, From Sundance To Hollywood

Indie Film 2012, From Sundance To Hollywood

This past Saturday, the annual Disney Expo (in its 23 edition) unveiled the, exciting for some, news that Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow will helm the 9th edition of the Star Wars franchise. Though the inclusion of a blockbuster Director to make another blockbuster may not seem too radical, Trevorrow actually holds his roots in

HP Power Up Festival: Visual Effects in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Everything about Manhattan’s Milk Studios, from its clean, curving white walls and pillars, to its expansive plate-glass windows that leave the space bathed in light, breathes sleekness and smooth, cutting-edge professionalism. So Kyle McCulloch, standing on a polished wooden stage flanked on either side by two enormous flat-screen TVs, found himself in the perfect place

VICE Releases Animated “The Grandmaster” Kung Fu Lesson Videos

Last week to celebrate the release of ‘The Grandmaster‘, the highly anticipated new film by Wong Kar Wai, VICE teamed up with former Marvel and IDW editor, Andy Schmidt, along with artists Chris Evenhuis, Giacomo Keison Bevilacqua and Chee Yang Ong and released a stunning animated web comic.  Following the movie’s plot, the rich media enabled comic is