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Interview: Matías Piñeiro (Director – ‘They All Lie’ ‘The Stolen Man’ ‘Viola’ & ‘Rosalinda’

Interview: Matías Piñeiro (Director – ‘They All Lie’ ‘The Stolen Man’ ‘Viola’ & ‘Rosalinda’

The work of Argentinian filmmaker Matías Piñeiro will be showcased during the upcoming Latinbeat Film Festival and will simultaneously open two of his films, ‘Viola‘ and ‘Rosalinda‘, theatrically on July 12, 2013. Latinbeat will play host to the NY premiere of Piñeiro’s 2007 film ‘The Stolen Man/El hombre robado’ and 2009 film ‘They All Lie/Todos

Filmmaker Profile: William Cusick (Director – ‘WELCOME TO NOWHERE’) – THE QUEENS WORLD FILM FESTIVAL

A surrealistic and dreamlike new take on the classic American road story, ‘Welcome to Nowhere‘ is an experimental film following the overlapping encounters of five strangers as they struggle to exist in the absurd desert world of the American West. Constantly shifting perspective, the fractured narrative revolves around a poet, a hitchhiker and three motel