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Review: ‘Ping Pong Summer’

Review: ‘Ping Pong Summer’

Written & Directed by Michael Tully Starring Susan Sarandon, John Hannah, Leah Thompson, Amy Sedaris, Robert Longstreet, Marcello Conte & Judah Friedlander It’s hard to really dislike director Michael Tully’s ‘Ping Pong Summer’, essentially a sanitized love letter to the 1980s. That’s not necessarily a compliment though, more a shrug of indifference to a moderately

Rooftop Films, Time Out New York, and Gravitas Ventures Present the New York Premiere of Michael Tully’s PING PONG SUMMER

It is the summer of 1985. Teens all over the country think Run DMC is totally bitchin’. On the soft drink line, a “Suicide” (a dash of every soda) is the most popular carbonated beverage. Cliques are very real and ping pong is the most fly thing ever. Rad Miracle (Marcello Conte), a dweeby 13-year-old