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Support ‘Black Hat’ on Seed&Spark

Support ‘Black Hat’ on Seed&Spark

Desperate to get to an anime convention halfway across the country to meet her favorite anime director Shinichiro Watanabe, a quirky teen artist “borrows” her sister’s car, kidnaps her wily, black sheep grandfather and together they embark on the road trip of a lifetime. Support ‘Black Hat’ on Seed&Spark – HERE DANDI is a high school-outcast; into

Vimeo Launches $500K Fund Supporting Crowdfunded Films

Vimeo announced it is deepening its commitment to the global direct film distribution movement by giving creators who have successfully raised $10,000 or more through crowdfunding platforms access to tools and funds to bring their projects to market on Vimeo. To creators of distribution-ready films, Vimeo will grant free one-year PRO accounts and access to a 

Seed&Spark Adds New Films to Its Transactional VOD Platform and Begins Working with International Distributors

Seed&Spark, the world’s first crowdfunding and transactional VOD platform made just for independent film, finished its first year in business with 40 exceptional films in its streaming Cinema, and kicks off the new year with the addition of critical darling EXIT ELENA. The feature film launched on the site January 1, alongside recent releases PINCUS,

Interview: Emily Best (Founder & CEO – ‘SEED & SPARK’)

EMILY BEST founded Seed&Spark to make a contribution to the truly independent community in which she would like to make moving pictures. In 2011, she had the great fortune of producing her first feature with a remarkable group of women. The spirit, the community and the challenges of that project, ‘Like the Water‘, inspired Seed&Spark.