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Filmmaker Interview: Adam Weber (Tomorrow We Disappear)

Filmmaker Interview: Adam Weber (Tomorrow We Disappear)

Tomorrow We Disappear chronicles the last days of Kathputli, the mysterious hand-built artist colony first discovered in Salman Rushdie’s iconic Midnight Children. Hidden in the alleyways of New Delhi, a community of magicians, acrobats and puppeteers approach their looming eviction to make way for a modern skyscraper. Bound together by tradition and impending gentrification, this

Noemí Weis’ MILK; A Universal Perspective Of Motherhood, Birth & Infant Feeding

Every year, the global community sets aside a week to draw attention to the vital importance of breastfeeding, not only in the lives of the most disadvantaged children but also in the strength of societies. ”We know that breastfeeding helps children to survive and thrive — enabling infants to withstand infections, providing critical nutrients for the

Filmmaker Interview: JC Falcón (People You May Know)

JC Falcón has just finished shooting his new movie People You May Know and he is already thinking about upcoming projects. “I never dreamed about Hollywood”, says the director born in Gran Canaria. Now, he is based in Los Angeles, where he arrived three years ago to work away from the economic crisis that Spain

“Los Actores Americanos No Están Acostumbrados A Que Los Dirijan”; Entrevista a JC Falcón, Director de People You May Know

JC Falcón acaba de terminar el rodaje de su película People You May Know y ya está pensando en proyectos de futuro. “Yo nunca tuve sueños Hollywoodianos”, nos explica el director nacido en Gran Canaria desde Los Ángeles, ciudad a la que llegó hace tres años para probar suerte lejos de la crisis económica que

“La Nacional Era Encontrarse En Casa A Miles de Kilómetros”; Entrevista Con Celia Novis, Directora de Sole Survivor

Decía Tom Wolfe que “uno pertenece a Nueva York al instante”. Celia Novis, periodista, guionista y directora de cine, lo sabe muy bien. Su segundo largometraje, Sole Survivor, nos acerca a la Nacional – Spanish Benevolent Society, el único testigo vivo de lo que un día fue Little Spain, el barrio español de la gran