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Interview: Jos Stelling (Director/Co Writer – ‘The Girl and Death’)

Interview: Jos Stelling (Director/Co Writer – ‘The Girl and Death’)

In Russia of the post-WWII era, aging doctor Nicolai (Sergey Makovetsky) returns to an old, abandoned hotel outside of Liepzig, Germany, the place where he first met his great love 50 years ago, and relives his romantic tragedy. The hotel still bears the traces of its impressive past. As a young medical student travelling from

Interview: Felix van Cleeff (Writer/Director – ‘The Violet Hour’) – Playing @ WinterFest 2013

In the beautiful short ‘The Violet Hour‘ from Dutch filmmaker Felix van Cleeff, two young lovers leave the modern city and all possessions behind to enter the wilderness, where they make love for the very last time. In the summer of 2011 Felix  and his minimal cast/crew went to the nature of South-Sweden to make