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Review: Bourek

Review: Bourek

A multicultural gathering on a fictional Greek isle sets the stage for ‘Bourek,’ the new ensemble comedy from Vladan Nikolic (Zenith, Allure). Awash with eclectic characters, delicious food, and scenery to spare ‘Bourek’ and the island of Khronos, somewhere between Asia, North Africa, and Europe, find highlight in their beauty, natural, edible, and cinematic. Presented

Experimental Situationist Film ‘ALLURE’ Reflects 60s Cinema in a Digital World

‘Allure‘ is a process-driven film, where filmmakers and performers (actors and non-actors) work together through a series of improvisations, character building, and discussions to flesh out the story and protagonists.  The camera follows the characters, instead of the characters playing/posing for the camera.  All dialogue is improvised, as the scene is worked through. Inspired by true