The 2013 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Announces World Premiere Feature Film Selections

The 2013 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival (AoBFF) has announced its World Premiere feature selections, all of which are independent films with a connection to Brooklyn.

The AoBFF was founded in 2010 to create a large-scale platform for independent film in the borough. The AoBFF is unique because we require filmmakers to describe their “Brooklyn connection” in order to be eligible for our festival. We screen films created by filmmakers who were born in Brooklyn, or have moved here from around the world, drawn by Brooklyn’s emerging prominence as a cultural capital, and international films that are inspired by our borough, affirming its global importance.

The 2013 edition of The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival will take place May 15-19, 2013 at Brooklyn’s St. Francis College.  The AoBFF is produced by The Art of Brooklyn, a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating the art and culture of the Best Borough.

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RESCUE! BROOKLYN‘ – Documentary, 110m, USA, World Premiere
Directed by Charlie Spickler
Charlie Spickler has lived in Brooklyn for 18 years, and his family’s Brooklyn roots go back to the turn of the 20th century.
RESCUE! BROOKLYN‘ is a documentary film about SEAN CASEY ANIMAL RESCUE and their integral connection with the Borough of Brooklyn and New York City as a whole. What Sean is doing should be the model for No Kill shelters all over the country.

CASUAL ENCOUNTERS‘ – Comedy/Drama, 80m, USA, World Premiere
Directed by Will McCord
BROOKLYN CONNECTION: Director Will McCord was born in Brooklyn and returned 6 years ago live again.
No matter how alone or strange one may be, Internet sex personals provide an anonymous setting to divulge one’s most secret and intimate desires. CASUAL ENCOUNTERS tells the stories of five lonely people looking to make a connection and have their fantasies fulfilled.

AMERICAN BOMBER‘ – Drama/Suspense, 90m, USA, World Premiere
Directed by Eric Trenkamp
BROOKLYN CONNECTION: Eric Trenkamp lives in Brooklyn and is faculty of the Film/Video Department at Pratt.
John Hidell, a disgraced ex-soldier, travels to New York City to become the first American born and raised suicide bomber. As he prepares for his bombing, he finds himself in an unexpected relationship with Amy, a divorced bartender. As his infatuation with her and New York grows, Hidell neglects his role in the bombing plot and begins to hope for the future—A hope that shatters when his co-conspirators and the FBI come hunting for him.

HOW TO MAKE MOVIES AT HOME‘ – Comedy/Drama, 93m USA, World Premiere
Directed by Morgan Nichols
BROOKLYN CONNECTION: Morgan Nichols, Producer Lisa Dowda, and DP Dave Danesh are all Brooklynites.
Jonah and her band of filmmaking friends have been making movies since they were kids. When a big TV production team comes in, threatening to shut them down, Jonah becomes so consumed with her war with Hollywood that she risks losing the band. What sets H2MM@H apart is that Jonah explains how they’re making their movie while being in the movie about making movies.

Directed by Heather Quinlan
BROOKLYN CONNECTION: Heather Quinlan lives in Brooklyn, her grandfather is from Brooklyn, the film is full of Brooklynites.
On the surface, ‘If These Knishes Could Talk’ is an exploration of the New York accent: what it is, where it sprang from, and how it’s evolved over time. But scratch that surface and underneath you’ll find that the accent is just a starting point to delve into a larger question: What does it mean to be a New Yorker? Is it the accent? The swagger? All of the above? And how much of that swagger does New York still have, now that its high rents are stifling the accent and paving over the grit? If this trend continues, the Big Apple’s voice may be indistinguishable from that of any other large American city. And then what would it mean to be a New Yorker?

CHILLING VISIONS:  5 SENSES OF FEARHorror, Feature Anthology, Word Premiere
Chiller TV (a division of NBC/Universal) teams with six up-and-coming filmmakers for five short films based on the human senses:
BROOKLYN CONNECTION: Several of the film’s cast and crew live in Brooklyn.
SMELL‘ – directed by Nick Everhart
SIGHT‘ – directed by Miko Hughes
TOUCH‘  – directed by Emily Hagins
TASTE‘ – directed by Eric England
‘HEARING‘ – directed by Jesse Holland & Andy Mitton
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