The Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival Returns to Brooklyn for 2nd Annual December Event

The Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival has announced the official selections for its highly anticipated second annual event to honor one of the most revered writers within the literary world.  The record-setting four day experience will launch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from December 5-8, 2013 at the prestigious IndieScreen theater and will screen numerous innovative features and shorts which are adapted or inspired by the unprecedented works of Philip K Dick.  Each of the films capture the distinctive boldness of the genre and bring forth some of the most riveting moments of science fiction cinema.

The finalists set to be screened as part of the festival’s schedule include”

The Final Equation, Daniel Abella (2009, USA)
Thanatomorphose, Eric Faiardeau (2012, Canada)
Vessel, Adam Ciancio (2013, Australia)

9 Minutes, PJ Wolf (2012, USA)
Agophobia, Benjamin Ross Hayden (2013, Canada)
All of Me, Susan Koenen (2012, Netherlands)
Ascendants, Don Schechter (2013, USA)
Biographer, Viktor Gorbachew (2013, Russia)
The Compositor, John Mattuzzi (2013, USA)
The Crystal Crypt, Shahab Zargari (2013, USA)
CyBelle Horizon, Rachael Reichert (2013, USA)
Deadstar, Brandon Wright (2013, USA)
Emit, JS Mayank (2012, USA)
Environmental Pressures and Species Adaptation, Jihyun Park (2013, South Korea)
Escape, David Conte (2013, USA)
Exit, Michel Goosens (2013, Netherlands)
The First Day, Nicholas Zafonte (2012, USA)
Hide and Seek, Kayoko Asakura (2013, Japan)
Honeymoon Suite, Zao Wang (2013, China)
Inside the Mind of the Alchemist, Kirk Zamieroski (2013, USA)
Karon, Erez Avri & Itai Edry (2012, Israel)
Khoon Ltd, Rahul Desai (2013, India)
Luv U, Ben Garchar (2013, USA)
Lv-225, Ettore Biondo (2013, Italy)
Odessa, Cidney Hue (2012, USA)
The Pod, Eric Pennycoff (2013, USA)
Promised Land, Joe Turner (2013, USA)
The Session, Rick Craft (2013, USA)
Son of Man, Janek Amros (2011, USA)
Sulfuric, Jeffrey A Brown (2013, USA)
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