The Picture Show Launches First Open Call & Invited Artists Screening

The street as the filmmaker’s playground, the street as the observer’s mecca – to find, to record, to manipulate and to re-create. From a 30 second mini-dv cam “observation,” to a serious insight into the passivity of city cops, this motley crew of image-makers reframe a city’s streets. A double screening with a social interlude!

Cosmo Preacher
2012 / Julianna Schley / USA / 4 min

“Cosmo Preacher” is an ordinary street performance, hijacked to take on a completely new meaning. My laptop was stolen last year before I had a chance to back up a few of my pieces, including Cosmo Preacher, so this low quality version is the best I have. To be honest, the original wasn’t much better anyway–I shot it on miniDV.” –Julianna Schley

2013 / Patrick Tarrant / UK / 10 min

“Brokenflo is an intermittent serial portrait that explores the rhythm and deep structure of cyclists involved in their daily commute. People emerge over time from their collective, soft-focus anonymity and fleetingly present themselves for this long-lens portrait before disappearing again into the flux and flow of the city.” -Patrick Tarrant

She Leaves The City
2012 / Brian James McGuire / USA / 3 min
“She Leaves the City is about disassembling and reassembling moving images which are layered in such a way to create story through visual manipulation and exaggeration. Originally shot on 16mm, re-photographed with the DVX100b.” –Brian James McGuire, Associate Lecturer (UW-Milwaukee)

2000 / Mark Street / USA / 20 min
“In the eight months preceding January 1, 2000, I shot digital video in New York City, approaching passersbys on the street and asking them direct questions about how they felt about the passage of time. Using the millennium as a starting point (”Are you ready for the millennium?”), a way of opening up discussion with strangers, my interviews took on a rollicking, discursive quality. The result is a hybrid of documentary and anthropological film, part time- capsule and part taped performance piece.” –Mark Street

Bus Stop
2006 / Sam Spreckley / Scotland / 1 min
“This very short clip is from an ongoing video series based upon little stolen moments from everyday life. At the time of recording, I was becoming really interested in how everyday life can be seen as a performance, a secret natural choreography that I found really beautiful to witness. These little urban movements are happening everyday but are very elusive, especially so when trying to capture them with video. This was a very exciting moment for me.” –Sam Spreckley

2013 / Peter Rose / USA / 10 min
“I suppose one role of the artist is to challenge us to see the world around us in new ways, to redeem the quotidian, to invent new forms of seeing. I walked out of my house one day and saw something that had hitherto been optically forbidden. I began to look for it. “Solaristics, made in 2013 with a Flip camera”, is a journal of my discoveries. It’s about the phenomenology of the black sun; it’s an anthology of sightings; it’s a kind of eco-parable.” –Peter Rose

Early_12_New_York_Song_Stret_ExperimentsEarly 12 New York Song
2012 / Amanda Katz and Anthony Svatek / USA / 3 min
“Objects and sounds collected on an early morning walk through Brooklyn, NY billow against a sun-struck floor. The smallest parts of the city are up for grabs.” -Amanda Katz

2009 / Yaron Lapid / Israel / 16 min
“Filmed in the lower depths of a Tel Aviv downtown, a naked man, drugged, bangs his head against concrete walls as he staggers and falls, trying aimlessly to regain control of his own body, …observed by a local prostitute who tries to get help for him as events follow. His identity is not clear. What is he a victim of? The prostitute tells the camera her ordeal as she comes to his aid. Her intervention makes us shift our sympathies and our emotional focus constantly. A deeply moving exploration of man on the lowest rung of society, this film also allows the viewer to hear Lapid’s interventions. In this dark piece the artist interrogates a variety of issues, from the performance of bodies through storytelling to the camera’s ability to show simultaneously raw and performative acts and behavior. As the viewer becomes a performer, the film also explores the question of the filmmaker as voyeur. What is the moral responsibility of the observer, to record or to intervene?” —Julia Pascal

2012 / June Kim / USA / 2 min
“The video, Shadow, investigates the duality of our human-ness and our animal-ness, and the tension between the two conditions, which often manifests as inhibition versus freedom. The shadow of the wolf/dog also represents our subconscious. In the final scene the wolf/dog appears in a lit forest symbolizing the awakening of our repressed selves even if for a brief moment.” –June Kim

2009 / Derek Taylor / USA / 3 min
“A pan from right to left, the film is a continuous exploration of horizontal space, traversing several locations of a New England landscape. Looking for a common ‘line’ through which to view the landscape, the filmmaker visited gritty industrial spaces, run-down buildings, interstate highways, austere boatyards, and lonely power substations, in a temporal experiment involving one roll of super 8 film, filmed in-camera. The images interact with a disordered soundtrack, which consists of radio transmissions, interference, and electronic noise, in direct contrast to the fluid movements of the camera. A meditation on permanence and transience.” –Derek Taylor

Subconsious_Art_of_Grafitti_Removal_Street_ExperimentsThe Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal
2001 / Matt McCormick / USA / 16 min
“It is no coincidence that funding for ‘anti-graffiti’ campaigns often outweighs funding for the arts. Graffiti removal has subverted the common obstacles blocking creative expression and become one of the more intriguing and important art movements of our time. Emerging from the human psyche and showing characteristics of abstract expressionism, minimalism and Russian constructivism, graffiti removal has secured its place in the history of modern art while being created by artists who are unconscious of their artistic achievements.” –Matt McCormick

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