Sundance Selects: “The Quiet One” Opens in Theaters and On Demand

The Quiet One Opens in New York and Los Angeles on June 21 
Also Available On Demand starting June 28

Bill Wyman in "The Quiet One" at Tribeca

Bill Wyman in “The Quiet One”

Known to the world as “the quiet one” of the group, former Rolling Stones bassist and rock and roll renaissance man Bill Wyman kept a detailed diary of every single day throughout his career. He also shot hours of film footage, took thousands of photographs and collected a vast private archive of memorabilia. Watching his previously unseen footage and hearing his stories is like going back in time to stand at Bill’s shoulder and experience his life first-hand. Against the odds, he escaped a bleak future in post-war, working class London to find himself at the center of a musical and cultural revolution as part of “the greatest rock and roll band in the world.” Including interviews with Bill’s family, fellow band-mates and friends, THE QUIET ONE provides fresh insight into the reality behind the myths and legends of music’s rock and roll years as we explore the experiences and stories of a charming and down-to-earth man.

109 mins. A Sundance Selects release. Not yet rated.

Directed by Oliver Murray
Produced by Jennifer Corcoran and Jamie Clark

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