What About Romance? – Love Fest 2013 Shorts PREMIER Online

Love Fest is a film festival that commissioned romantic comedies from NYC production companies for Valentine’s Day. The participating filmmakers picked creative prompts (included character, location, and prop) at random and then have one month to write, produce, and edit a short film. This year’s films screened at 3rd Ward Brooklyn to a packed house.  The completed shorts range from sweet to cynical to totally absurd.

Love Fest works similar to a film challenge. The prompts are there to guide the work and provide some sort of spark for the material. However, the prompts are loose enough that the filmmakers have a good amount of flexibility to play around with prompts. The prompts are based on tropes of the genre. For Love Fest, they were based on commonly seen elements of romantic comedies.
– Character prompts: mystery person, waitress with a dream, bitch, girl next door, quirky roommate, fortune teller and more
– Location prompts: backseat of a car, shop, bookstore, rooftop, parent’s house, park bench, and more
– Prop prompts: handwritten letter, lost piece of jewelry, diary, boombox, a beloved pet, old photograph, and more
– Each film had to use the line “What About Romance?”

Now we Show the Online PREMIER of the Love Fest 2012 Screening Films

1.What About Romance?‘ – Zach Morrissey / Ghostwood Development / Pax Cinematica
By Shaun Seneviratne / Robyn Nielsen / Lit Kilpatrick / Michael Irenski / Sofia Theofilaktidis / Phil Henken / Sarah Kauffman / Jason Vance / Ernie Indradat
After kicking out her boyfriend, a teen-fiction romance writer is alone, broke, and faces eviction.
: Mystery Person
Location: Backseat of a Car
Prop: Lost Piece of Jewelry

2.Girls Before Swine‘ – Junta Juleil / Rachel Klein Productions
By Sean Gill / Rachel Klein / Aimee Delong / Jillaine Gill / Meghan Holland / Joe Stipek / Brian Ferree / Robyn Nielsen / Megan O’Connor / Scooter Pie / Michael Porsche / David F. Slone, Esq.
A woman contemplates her great-great grandmother’s sordid past.
:  Girl next door
Location:  Shop
Prop:  Old Photograph

3.Perfect Timing‘ – PrashNYC
By Megan Stein  / Carl Conway Maguire / Zach Stein / Lindsay Maclean Taylor  / Michael Tosner  / Blaine Horton / Kelsey Byrne  / Stephen Elkins
A reluctant bachelorette is dragged through a night of unforgettable romantic encounters.
: Quirky Roommate
Location: Library or Bookstore
Prop: A Beloved Pet

4.Lovey Jammers‘ – A Jarrod and Tessa Production / Tiny Baby Giants / Sunny Day Production
By Tessa Greenberg / Jarrod Zayas / Michael Tosner
In a jam packed 9 minutes, Jarrod and Tessa fall in love.
: Fortune Teller
Location: Rooftop
Prop: Boombox

5.Mike Holt 4 Ever‘ – Andersonenvy / Ghostwood Development
By Ken Anderson / Ryan Garretson / Sarah Goosmann / Brett Jeffry / Mike Holt / Chris Turiello / Denis Deck
A world-weary waitress encounters her high school crush while visiting her home town.
: Waitress with a Dream
Location: Parent’s House
Prop: Diary

6.CoonersTiny Baby Giants / Sunny Day Production
By Brett Glass / Grier Dill / Aaron Phillips / Racine Russell / Abby Merrick / Aaron Phillips / Joseph Colmener
The last man on earth struggles to find love in the burnt remnants of his past.
: Bitch
Location: Park bench
Prop: Handwritten letter




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