10 Films To Watch At The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival


#millennialissues, unexploited creativity, the angst that follows an artistic nature and the sorrow of incomplete love affairs lays out TFF 2016, all of them being subjects occurring in everyday life in the ‘10s.

How difficult is it to break into the artistic circles? Have we isolated ourselves because we live in the era of technology and information? Why are we the generation of adults who cannot wean? If these are questions you are seeking answers to, pay a visit this year’s 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

As we always do, we have compiled a list the 10 films we are most eager to watch at this years edition. Our selections come from the spectrum of the Tribeca slate, excluding in competition films. This year, we notice a heavy focus on content related to inequality, traditionalism, and the ever changing world we live in, but we also have not forgotten how to have some fun. So, take a look and let us know what you are most looking forward to seeing, whether our picks look interesting and any other Tribeca-related conversations you may have.

Elvis & Nixon (Gala)
In 1970, a few days before Christmas, Elvis Presley showed up on the White House lawn seeking to be deputized into the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs by the President himself. Elvis & Nixon, starring Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey respectively, imagines the comical details of this outlandish historical encounter. Featuring supporting performances from Alex Pettyfer, Johnny Knoxville, Colin Hanks, Evan Peters, and Sky Ferreira.

Adult Life Skills (Viewpoints)
Anna has to, as many of us, move back to her mother’s backyard shed. Despite being in her thirties, she has the imagination and the behavior of a child, which can drive her mother crazy. It will take an unexpected friendship in the two women’s life to change the dynamics of their relationship.

Nerdland (Viewpoints)
Nerdland is an R-rated cartoon comedy about celebrity, excess, and two showbiz nobodies, John (Paul Rudd) and Elliott (Patton Oswalt), with a plan to become famous—or even infamous—by the end of the night. Featuring an army of comedy cameos including Hannibal Buress, Laraine Newman, Mike Judge, Kate Micucci & Riki Lindhome, and Molly Shannon.

Icaros: A Vision (Int. Narrative Competition)
An American woman in search of a miracle embarks on an adventure in the Peruvian Amazon. At a healing center, she finds hope in the form of an ancient psychedelic plant known as ayahuasca. With her perception forever altered, she bonds with a young indigenous shaman who is treating a group of psychonauts seeking transcendence, companionship, and the secrets of life and death.

Children of the Mountain (Viewpoints)
A dive into a woman’s psychology when she realizes something may be wrong with her reproductive system. Taking place in Ghana, where people must still deal with religion and superstition, this story will not leave you untouched as women’s health is still a taboo no matter where you are. Essuman is determined to become a mother and she will explore every possible way, conventional or not.

LoveTrue (Documentary Competition)
Alma Har’el, director and cinematographer of the 2011 TFF Best Documentary Feature Bombay Beach, returns with LoveTrue, a genre-bending documentary, demystifying the fantasy of true love. From an Alaskan strip club, a Hawaiian island, and the streets of NYC—revelatory stories emerge about a deeper definition of love. Set to a hypnotizing score by Flying Lotus and executive-produced by Shia LaBeouf.

El Clásico (Int. Narrative Comp)
Work hard and dream big is probably what stuck in Alan’s mind after his sweetheart’s, Gona, father refusing to accept a little man for his son in law. So, Alan decided to go all the way to Spain, to find Cristiano Ronaldo and hand him a pair of hand made Kurdish football shoes, hoping to gain Gona’s father approval. For those of you who are too American to know, el clásico is Spain’s yearly most important football match, between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The Loner (Viewpoints)
Daniel Grove’s neon-soaked feature debut follows reformed mobster Behrouz, who is haunted by memories of being a child soldier in Iran in the 1980s. As he pursues the American Dream in Los Angeles Behrouz finds it increasingly difficult to stay away from the seedy underbelly of the city. Grove’s neon-noir is a smart, action-packed, and colorful thriller with an electrifying score.

Holidays (Midnight)
Ten directors join forces and create this unique horror movie. During its 105’ you will get scared of an Easter Bunny and Valentine’s Day (if you aren’t scared of it enough). One thing is for sure, you will not get bored.

Little Boxes (Spotlight)
Science has proven that in a few decades the majority of people will be biracial, but news have not reached suburban communities yet. As a result, Clark, a biracial 6 grader, has to act “more black” in order to be cool. Will this New York family be able to adjust to the small town mentality?

– Danae Papadaki & Steve Rickinson


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