10 Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Screenplay


You have spent tens of hours (and probably hundreds of dollars on ridiculously expensive coffee) over your computer, typing like a maniac, trying to convince yourself this is the time you are going to have your breakthrough: this script will make it to a director’s hands and this time next year you will be walking down the red carpet.

Yet, you know it somewhere deep in your heart this is not the case- you cannot fully understand what your gut is trying to tell you, but you do know this is yet another “pass.” For those of you wondering what are they doing wrong and their scripts are getting rejected, here is a list of the 10 most common mistakes you keep making:

1. The scenes are void of meaningful conflict
2. The script has a by-the-numbers execution
3. The protagonist is a standard issue hero (and other characters are stereotypes as well)
4. The villains are cartoonish, evil for the sake of evil
5. The character logic is muddy (characters action/motivation isn’t clear or believable)
6. The female characters are underwritten
7. The story is too thin (20 pages of story spread over 100 pages)
8. The conflict is inconsequential, flash-in-the-pan (conflict arrives, is instantly solved, and the narrative continues unaffected)
9. The narrative falls into a repetitive pattern
10. The story begins too late in the script

Source: Film Independent


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