Epic Docu-Drama ‘A Rubberband is an Unlikely Instrument’ Opens @ reRun Theater – Feb 8th

An eccentric Brooklyn musician navigates his family’s course on the fringes of a new American landscape. Walter Baker is struggling to maintain balance between creating art alongside the daily trials of making ends meet and raising a twelve year old son with his poet third wife. The film is an immersive meditation on possibly one of the last vestiges of NY bohemia as the couple wrestles with the complexities of family, art, money, religion, gentrification, love and loss.

The film’s Brooklyn setting illuminates the coming socioeconomic changes as the divisive-ness of the waning Bush years loom in the background. Lyrical and atmospheric, ‘A RUBBERBAND IS AN UNLIKELY INSTRUMENT‘ transcends the notion of traditional documentary as it paints a modern, cinematic portrait of people who ostensibly love each other, but struggle to connect the copious intricacies of being both parents and children.

A RUBBERBAND IS AN UNLIKELY INSTRUMENT‘ is a film to be experienced as much through the flow and currents of sound, as through the existential drama of its participants. Overflowing words and lingering silences set the tone as a singular gaze captures a distinct moment in time where art, spirituality, politics and the economy collide for a pair of artists situated on the margins.

A work of dreamily seductive virtues that stretches the limits of nonfiction.” – John Anderson, Variety
Heavy and Sobering.” –Michael Tully, Hammer to Nail

Read Our Interview with Director Matt Boyd – HERE

Friday, February 8 – Thursday, February 14, 2013
IFP & Factory 25 present
@ reRun Theater
147 Front St. Brooklyn, NY

: /RubberbandMovie
: @RubberbandMovie


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