37th Edition Of The AFM Is Now Open


On November 2nd, 8,000+ film industry professionals, 400+ distributors, and 1,000+ production companies from around the world arrived in Santa Monica for one week of deal-making, meetings, screenings, networking receptions and conferences.  

Indiewood makes it’s presence in one of the major film trade shows around the globe to cover it all.

Founded in 1981, the American Film Market (AFM), is an international film industry event that takes place each year in the first week of November, in Santa Monica, California. For this year’s AFM, running from 2-9 November, the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel will be transformed once again into a busy expo, with 500+ screenings, 100+ Hollywood executives and thought leaders speaking, industry’s largest conference series, specialized roundtables and 8 days of networking.

This year’s edition the market has an increase attendance in UK exhibitors, with 38 registered companies, which marks nearly a 16% rise from last year and the highest number on record since 2009. Furthermore, the AFM highlights continued growth from China and Hong Kong, with over 200 registrants from Mainland China and an additional 75+ from Hong Kong. The registrants will be joining the market on behalf of over 90 different companies, continuing to promote China’s rising prominence and international business relations at the AFM.

Diverging from festivals, AFM focuses primarily on the business of production and distribution deals Executive VP of the Independent Film & Television Alliance and AFM’s managing director since 1988, Jonathan Wolf welcomed all attendees at the AFM orientation and spoke about how to work the AFM in advance. “AFM is a trade show, different from a film festival. In this trade show there is only one closing deal. A film festival is a cultural event, showing films for the community. AFM is a shopping center, one of the three major markets that take place every year. The other two are the EFM (that takes place during the Berlin film festival) and the market in Cannes Film festival. The doors of the distribution companies are physically open here.”

A total of 305 films screenings with 252 market premieres and 71 world premieres, including well-known stars appearances: Alec Baldwin, Gerard Butler, Bryan Cranston, Penelope Cruz, Elle Fanning, James Franco, Salma Hayek, Demi Lovato, David Oyelowo, Aaron Paul, Rosamund Pike, Noomi Rapace, J.K. Simmons, and many others. To view the screening program click here http://www.thefilmcatalogue.com.

 Here are the following Conference Series’ sessions:

 China Conference – Thursday, November 3rd
“Producing in China”
“Marketing & Distributing in China”

Finance Conference I: The Future of Global Film Finance – Friday, November 4th
“The 360 View”
“How Equity is Successfully Investing in Film”

Pitch Conference – Saturday, November 5th
“Pitching Essentials”
“The 2-Minute Pitches”

Finance Conference II: Funding Films Today – Sunday, November 6th
“Producing Studio Films with Independent Budgets”
“The Film Finance Matrix: From Script to Screen”

Production Conference – Monday, November 7th
“Producing for the Pre-Sales Marketplace”
“Working with Talent Agents”

Distribution Conference – Tuesday, November 8th
“Working with Sales Agents”
“The Future of Video On Demand”

The following Roundtable sessions have been confirmed:

Thursday, November 3rd
“Hong Kong: The Next Generation of Project Management for Production in Asia”

Friday, November 4th
“Shoot the Book! LA: French Publishers Present Original Literary Works with Film Adaptation Potential”

Saturday, November 5th
“Making an Impact: How Telling LGBT Stories Can Pay Off”

Sunday, November 6th
“The Passion of the Film: From Inspiration to Release”

Sunday, November 6th
“Asian VOD”

Monday, November 7th
“Distributing and Monetizing Feature Documentaries”

Tuesday, November 8th
“Working with the U.S. Guilds”

The Conference Series will take place at Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar Hotel, and the Roundtables Series will take place at the Loews Hotel, AFM Studio.

To find out more about conferences, screenings, exhibitors and to purchase your badge, click here:: www.AmericanFilmMarket.com


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