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2016 Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Kadri Kõusaar (Director), Leana Jalukse (Writer) & Aet Laigu (Producer) – “Mother”

2016 Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Kadri Kõusaar (Director), Leana Jalukse (Writer) & Aet Laigu (Producer) – “Mother”

Set in a small town in Eastern Estonia, Mother (Ema) is a homespun crime story about rash decisions made in the name of dreams that will have haunting consequences for some time to come. The film focuses on Elsa, a 50-year old woman, whose adult son is left in a coma after a shooting incident.

Kino! 2016: Interview: – Isabelle Stever (Writer/Director) and Maria Furtwängler (Actress) – The Weather Inside

‘The Weather Inside’ gives us a view into the business of foreign aid work, in the Arab conflict zone. Dorothea, an aid worker with a humanitarian organization, has launched a project to help the people of a land menaced by civil war. The luxury of her wealthy world finds a cynical reflection in the poverty

Kino! 2016 Interview: Gerd Schneider (Writer/Director-The Culpable)

‘The Culpable’ (Verfehlung) tells the story of three priests, Jakob, Dominik and Oliver, whose career and friendship are shaken after Dominik is taken into custody under suspicion of sexual abuse. How does one deal with such accusations?  There is a truth we welcome and there is a truth we fear, about which we tend to


2016 Berlinale Interview: Chloé Leriche (Director/Writer) – “Avant Les Rues / Before The Streets”

The first dramatic feature shot in the native language of Atikamekw, Before The Streets explores the life on the Atikamekw reservation in the Canadian province of Québec.  The film boasts a cast composed almost entirely of non-professionals living and working in the villages where the film was shot by first-time feature director Chloé Leriche. Menacing


2016 Berlinale Interview: Cynthia Nixon (Actress) – “A Quiet Passion”

‘A Quiet Passion’ is the story of Emily Dickinson, one of America’s greatest and most original literary icons. A person that lived much of her life introverted and never saw recognition in her lifetime. Born in 1803, Dickinson is considered to be a gifted child, but an emotional trauma forces her to give up her

2016 Berlinale Interview: Zrinko Ogresta – (On The Other Side)

Vesna, a nurse, lives with her two grown-up children in Zagreb. Vesna’s son is married and his wife is expecting their second child; her daughter is engaged, and all seems well in the world.  But their name poses an obstacle to all of them. When Vesna came to Zagreb twenty years ago she intended to